Author Terry Dunham

Hakea lehmanniana (Blue Hakea) and Banksia lemanniana (Yellow Lantern Banksia). Note the two different species spelling, that sometimes get confused when naming them >>

H. Lehmanniana is named in honour of German botanist Johann Georg Christian LEHMANN (1782-1860) who described a lot of Western Australian flora based on the collections of Preiss.

B. lemanniana is named after Charles Morgan LEMANN (1806-1852) an English amateur botanist who amassed a collection of 30,000 herbarian specimens housed at Cambridge.

Lehmannianus, ianus = belonging to and Lemannianus, ianus = belonging to.

Blue Hakeas in Stirling Range National Park, Western Australia 15.6.24 and Yellow Banksias on the sth coast and Stirling Range National Park in recent year.

Photographs © Terry Dunham