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I present my collage of a number of the Typical Leafhoppers, Family Cicadellidae that I have seen in Belair National Park. They are all very small. I’ve only included the ones of a similar shape … not the flat ones, micro ones or horned ones.

Cicadellidae” means they’re “like a cicada” ie. shaped like a Cicada … not that they ARE a Cicada. Cicadas are larger and belong in the family Cicadidae. Both however belong in the Infraorder Cicadomorpha.

I have done this for my own interest and others who share my interest (and wonder) at the variations and what I’ve actually seen. Many I’ve not been able to ID.

Top left is however the most common, Brunotartessus fulvus, Yellow-headed Leafhopper. On the right of that is a spotty one I saw yesterday that prompted me to make this collage. It’s perhaps Eurymelinae but I can’t get any further. Most are seen on leaves and twigs, but one is on an orchid and another on a flower.

Interestingly there are more species of Leafhopper on the planet than all the species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians put together!

Cicadellidae (infraorder Cicadomorpha), Belair National Park SA © Marianne Broug
Cicadellidae (infraorder Cicadomorpha), Belair National Park SA © Marianne Broug

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