Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2014AS Beanie Festival 2014 – 2

The world’s biggest Beanie Festival is one of those iconic Alice Springs events, held during the colder months of winter, when everyone needs a beanie…

Alien Alice by artist Cherrelle Nicholson (65 yrs), Stawell VIC
Felted kaypok, pre felt leister wool – hair. Hand made buttons, spun merino (neck) grandaughters finger knitted eyebrows, felted eyes and lips and ears.

Neil Yarnstrong (Crochet Robot) by artist K Malinski (38 yrs), Sunnycoast QLD
Crochet with beer and sci-fi movies/space doco’s.

Big Bang Beanie by artists Debbie Petersen (57 yrs), Tantawangalo Candelo NSW
Crochet covered styrofoa balls, fine bird wire covered in knitted glitter wool string which then forms a mobius strip (eternity, beginning, no end!)

Emu by artist Rhonda Williams (adult), Wiluna Art Centre
Crochet and needle felting, farmed emu feathers.

Trees in Sunset by artist Keirden Kelly (12 yrs), Mutitjulu-Uluru NT
Needle felted, inspired by Megan Jack’s early work.

Yoda Grandmaster of the Jedi by artist Louise Thackray (71 yrs), Melbourne VIC
Brown wool, other colours knitted in Felt eyes.

Pauline My Pet Galah by artist Robyn Macshane (64 yrs), Keiraville NSW
Felted head, needle felted feathers along top of the head and wings, nunofelted scarf to add length to head, beaded at ends of tassels, 3D paint to add feathery look to tail, jewels for eyes, nuno felted flower with frog inside flower side of head.

Natty Dreads by artist Siri Omberg (66 yrs), Alice Springs NT
Felted wool and hand spun yarn.

North Pacific Puffin Bird by artist B M Timms (72 yrs), Cooranbong NSW
Black feathers yarn and white feather yarn (knitted), crochet beak and eyes orange fleece – natural colour.

Flying Purple People Eater by artist Joan Price (64 yrs), Drouin VIC
Wool boucle, wool 8 ply, wool.nylon texture yarn, free style knitting with crotchet.

Alien Encounter by artist Sharon Maher (adult), Sunbury VIC
Crochet hood uses novelty yarn, polysyrene balls, and chenille pipcleaners to create an alien with three large eyes and eight tentacles, each with tehir own smaller eye.

Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2014AS Beanie Festival 2014 – 2

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