Alice Springs received a ‘Category C’
flooding event, as rainfall continues in the Alice Springs District with the water peaking in Todd River at 2.85 metres for Saturday 9th, 2010, and having received 122.6 mm of rain since Thursday, this make the biggest flood for Alice in the past 9 years.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Flood Forecast define five different categories ranging from A to E, with E being the most serious. ‘Category C’ alert means that the water must exceed 2.7 metres.

The huge amount of water flowing through Todd River provide some great memories for locals and tourist, although Saturday also saw a young girl being saved from the surging current which knocked her off her feet into the raging river, whilst she was playing in the water on the Wills Terrace causeway.1

Following images of water flowing in the Todd River – 9 January, 2010
Road closure at the Wills Terrace and Undoolya Road Main Causeway.

Footnote & References

  1. Young girl being saved from the surging current reported in the Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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