Author Koh Lin

I grew up with dragons… they appeared in story books and on the television and there was St George, but he slayed the dragon.

Now we have friendly dragons filling our screens. Of course we all know there are bad dragons and good dragons and those in between. From animated dragons such as in the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Spirited Away and the dragon in Shrek, to the more realistic portrayals in the Harry Potter movies, Pete’s Dragon, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Dragonheart, to name just a few.

Of course these dragons are in books and on the movie screens. Some of us have the collection of DVDs and even posters on our bedroom wall, but they remain just stories and imagination. Whether you love them or hate them, few people can claim knowing a dragon personally… well I am thrilled to say…

I love dragons, and I have DRAGONS in my garden…

Of course to have them in my garden, I may have had to change country… OK maybe not country, but it did feel like it to begin with. Having lived in the heart of Sydney for more then 30 years, I was to swap that to living in the heart of Australia, Alice Springs… and what a difference it was. From the coast to the arid heart… but I have been fortunate and have loved this sea change to the desert change… and so this was where I was to meet my dragons.

I have been lucky, these dragons seem to be everywhere I go. Even at work, where I have literally watched a dragon grow up. This dragon was only tiny when I first saw him, sunning himself (I am assuming it is a “He”) on the steps of the apartment or on the small rock by the pond.

Long-nose Dragon (G. longirostris)
Long-nose Dragon (G. longirostris)

Who would have thought, from the small inquisitive stares I initially got as the baby dragon looked up at me, before dashing off, to now… “Oh it’s you. Yes I am sunning myself, so please just step around me“.

Long-nose Dragon (G. longirostris)
Long-nose Dragon (G. longirostris)

These dragons are officially called Long-nose Dragon, although some call them Water Dragons, as they are often seen near water. They have a funny run, sometimes seen running away on their hind legs, as if they were cycling really fast.

But what I love about my dragons besides their twin cream stripe down their back, is the long tail, up to three times the length of their body.

I have even seen the entrance to the dragon’s lair… ok, it sounds more grandiose then it is. Their lair is where they lay their eggs…

Burrow of a Long-nose Dragon (G. longirostris)
The entrance to our dragon’s lair.

Of course, I have seen other dragons in my garden including the bearded dragon… although he quickly took off when I interrupted his reverie. And just walking out bush, there have been numerous other dragon types including the Central Netted Dragon, that are very cute.

For all you dragon lovers, I share my collection of dragons in my garden with you…