We respectfully acknowledge the ancestors past and present that live here. We let them know who we are, where we are from, that we are here to visit and appreciate this special place, and pass safely on our way.

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Known traditionally as Angkerle Atwatye (“the Gap of Water”), Standley Chasm is an important cultural place of indigenous Australia that is sacred to the women’s dreaming of the Arrernte people.

This dramatic and picturesque region that is Angkerle Atwatye (Standley Chasm) is a breathing living country, filled with fauna and flora. Different plants species can be found here, some flowering at certain times through the year, with others appearing after rain.

For those walking the various tracks in Standley Chasm, the areas spring-fed pools attract a great variety of wildlife, especially birds.

Check out the images and information of fauna in this area (with more to come).


Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), whose genus Melopsittacus means “melodious parrot“. The species part of the name undulatus mean “undulated” or “wave-patterned.”

One of Australian’s iconic small birds, can often be seen across inland Australia and under the right climatic conditions, they are seen in flocks of hundreds to thousands. Their colouration is green and yellow, with a scalloped pattern on the upperparts of their body and fine barring marks on the head.

Click here to see more photos taken of the Budgerigar at Standley Chasm.

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