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The Owen Springs Reserve is an interesting and spectacular place for a 4WD drive outing. A popular quiet bush location, it is enjoyable destination for a day or for those wanting to do some camping without facilities.

Old Owen Springs Homestead (Ruins)

The first pastoral homestead built in Central Australia sits at the base of the Waterhouse Ranges in Owen Springs Reserve. The Hugh River curls around the homestead and recent preservation work has white limewashed the crumbling ruins.

Hugh River

The usually dry Hugh River winds its course through the Owen Springs Reserve. As you travel through the park, many of the 4WD tracks cross over the river. When it does flow, the water can course through the river very rapidly, bringing debris in its wake. Often the debris can be seen wrapped around the base of the river red gums.

Redbank Waterhole

When there is water, the Redbank Waterhole is a popular spot for locals and visitors.

Dog Friendly Area of Reserve

Dogs on leads are only permitted south of the Waterhouse Range. Please ensure your pet is kept under control for the safety of other people and fauna. For further information check the NT Government Owen Springs Reserve fact sheet and map (see link below).

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Owen Springs ReserveAttractions Redbank Waterhole Fauna Flora