Anmatjere Country

In addition to the striking giant figure of the ‘Anmatjere Man’ at Aileron (Aileron Roadhouse), by artist Mark Egan, ‘Anmatjere Man’ now has a family.

After 3 long years by himself, ‘Anmatjere Man’ finally has a family. Also created by the same sculptor Mark Egan, ‘Anmatjere Man’ has been joined by a wife and child, being erected in December 2008. Unlike the original piece which took Mark Egan a year to create, ‘Anmatjere Woman and Child’ took only four months.

Since this article, a sculpture of a ‘perentie’ has been added. The importance of the ‘perentie’ — part of the same group of reptiles interchangeably called ‘goanna’ by different Aboriginal tribes — hold an important place in the culture of Aboriginal people. Check out Goanna (Aboriginal Symbols of Fauna and Wildlife) for more information.

For those passing through you are welcomed to at the Aileron Roadhouse stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are seeking accommodation there are motel style rooms or camping and caravan grounds.

The Anmatjere people have named the sculpture after Charlie Quartpot – a rainmaker who once lived in this area. Further information about Anmatyerr Man and Charlie Quartpot can be found in a great document in the Northern Territory Library titled: The Anmatyerr Man Of Ywerternt by Teresa McCarthy, August 2009.