The ‘Showcase Australia with AusEmade’ is a website that operates in the tourism sector about Australia.

Having started operation in 2001, we took a couple years break, during which time the owners of Ausemade, having previously done a fair bit of travel around Australia themselves, decided to actually work for various travel operators to get some real experience in the tourism industry.

We are now rebuilding the Ausemade website, having started back in mid 2020. Our mantra has changed from writing for the old website, now we believe in

have fun, enjoy what you are doing

Fans of the former site, will see that we have more images and a more relaxed style to the content. Our blogs from people just like you and I, express their passion and shine a light on their character.

The old site is not gone. As we have a lot of content from the old site to be brought into the revamp new website, we are not rushing this process. You will see some of the great destinations and images from the old site as we reworked into the new site.

View of Hunters Bay, Balmoral, Sydney, NSW
View of Hunters Bay, Balmoral, Sydney, NSW

Now our aim is to not only ‘Showcase Australia’ but to also promote destinations and local tourism businesses. One way to get promoted is to ensure you are linked to other sites in the same industry.

For those who wish to advertise with us, you will see that we use Google ads. We are selective in the types of ads that appear on Ausemade, and we have taken the stance in not having you bombarded with their ads. At this point in time, the Google ads appear at the top of the page, to the right (on a computer screen), and at the bottom of the page. If you already doing Google advertising, then you can use your existing account with them to promote on our website.

We do offer advertising options where you can have a static advert on a single page (or series of pages), sponsoring a page content, and having a hyperlink within a page.

Ausemade of course will decline any advertisement that does not fit with our philosophy and what we are creating through our pages.

So come and promote your business on an established internet online tourism related website. Take the journey with us as we continue to grow and evolve, expanding content into areas not covered by other similar sites.

In the meantime, whilst we are working through the types of advertising available, you can contact us via our email.

View over West MacDonnell Ranges (near Glen Helen Gorge), NT
View over West MacDonnell Ranges (near Glen Helen Gorge), NT