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Breakaways Reserve ~ Images of Australia
Known simply as "The Breakaways", the Breakaway Reserve gets its name from the massive rocks and plateaus that from a distance looks like they have "broken away" from the main range known as the Stuart Ranges. This ancient Australian landscape, dates back over 70 million years ago, and features many flat-topped mesas, that would once have been islands in a vast inland sea.

Located on the Aboriginal Antakirinja Land, The Breakaways region hold an important place in the local Indigenous people's stories and dreamtime. The Breakaways is a teaching place for young Wati's (men), and much of the stories can not be revealed to the uninitiated.

There are some stories that can be told that include the "Two Dogs (Pupa)", know as "salt and pepper" or the "castle" to non-aboriginal people. To the Aboriginal people, they are known as the two dogs sitting down, one brown dog and one white dog. The difference in colouring of the two hills, although joined, has been caused by various stages of weathering and erosion, with the white hill being weathered faster than the brown hill.

To the south west of Two Dogs is a peaked hill, known as Man (Wati) who is the owner of the dogs. Other Aboriginal stories include the Emu (Kalayu) and Bearded Dragon (Ungkata).

At The Breakaways, visitors to the region can also see the "Dog Fence", the longest fence and also the longest man made structure in the world. Stretches from the Great Australian Bight in far-western South Australia to the Queensland coast, this 5,300 km "Dog Fence" was built to protect the sheep-growing areas in the south from the dingoes in Central Australia. Erected in the 1950s, the "Dog Fence" is still maintained today by small teams of dog trappers, fence patrollers, pastoralists and repairers.

Breakaways Reserve - Snapshots from South Australia

Two Dogs (Pupa) or Salt and Pepper © Ausemade Pty Ltd
The Dog Fence at The Breakaways © Ausemade Pty Ltd
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