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Breakaways Reserve ~ Images of Australia
Known simply as "The Breakaways", the Breakaway Reserve gets its name from the massive rocks and plateaus that from a distance looks like they have "broken away" from the main range known as the Stuart Ranges. This ancient Australian landscape, dates back over 70 million years ago, and features many flat-topped mesas, that would once have been islands in a vast inland sea.

Located on the Aboriginal Antakirinja Land, The Breakaways region hold an important place in the local Indigenous people's stories and dreamtime. The Breakaways is a teaching place for young Wati's (men), and much of the stories can not be revealed to the uninitiated.

Although this region may appear inhospitable and barren, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can see many examples of native flora and fauna. Among the wildlife that call this region home, are Perenties and the Goulds Goanna, being the largest lizards in this region. Bronze-backed legless lizards, central and Nullarbor bearded dragons and earless dragons are also common here. One of the deadliest land snakes, the Inland Taipan are also found in this region.

There are stories about the lizards in the region. One of the land formations is about the Bearded Dragon Lizard (Ungkata), which is the totem for the Antakirinja People.

Another story told by the Indigenous People of Outback Australia, is that of the goanna calling for rain. When a goanna is seen up on the branches of a tree, it means that the goanna is calling for rain.

Breakaways Reserve - Snapshots from South Australia

The Breakaways Reserve © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Goanna at The Breakaways © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Perenties and Goulds goanna are the largest lizards in this region of South Australia.
Goanna calling for rain © Ausemade Pty Ltd
The ‘Old People’ say when you see a goanna climbing up a tree or old log, it is calling for rain, to bring life back to the land, calling to the spirits who may be willing to listen and send rain.
Goulds Goanna © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Photos © Ausemade Pty Ltd

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