BowerbirdsGreat Bowerbird Green Catbird Satin Bowerbird Western Bowerbird

The Green Catbird (Ailuroedus crassirostris) is a species of bowerbird that can be found in the subtropical forests regions along the east coast of Australia, stretching from south-eastern Queensland to southern part of New South Wales.

It gets its name from its distinctive call that sounds like a cat meowing, although some people report that it sounds like a crying child, or if you are into the supernatural, in the hours of the early morning it sounds like a scary vampire. The Western Bowerbird of Central Australia is also known to make sounds like a cat.

A sedentary bird, the Green Catbird is found in temperate and sub-tropical lush rainforest, as well as adjacent paperbark and eucalypt forest. Whilst not necessarily a shy bird, due to their colouring they are sometimes difficult to spot, you are only alert to their presence by the calls.

They are monogamous birds, pairing for life, with the male helping to feed the female, as well as assisting to the female to feed the young.

The Green Catbird feeds on fruit, flowers and various plant material. They are also known to eat small reptiles and to kill baby birds to feed to its young.

The green catbird resembles the spotted catbird, which is only found in an isolated population in Far North Queensland.

The Spotted Catbird (A. melanotis) is very similar to the Green Catbird, but is found in a different range. The Spotted Catbird tends to be a brighter green and paler below and with black markings on the head.

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  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Ptilonorhynchidae
  • Genus: Ailuroedus
  • Species: A. crassirostris
  • Binomial name: Ailuroedus crassirostris

BowerbirdsGreat Bowerbird Green Catbird Satin Bowerbird Western Bowerbird