Australian Backyard Wildlife

Alice Springs is in the heart of Australia. Surrounded by ranges, gorges, salt and claypans, this arid region is teeming with life. For us lucky ones who live here and have a home with our own backyard, the chances of seeing your own private slice of nature are great. Whether a small insect to reptiles and birds, there is likely some sort of creature that live there.

Of course when we talk about “our backyard”, many of us refer to the greater region beyond our fenceline.

Following are some images of creatures seen in our Alice Springs and Central Australia backyard…

Check out our information on the Western Bowerbird (Chlamydera guttata).

The Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris) is one of the popular wildlife seen in backyards of Alice Springs and a favourite of ours at Ausemade.

Check out our information on the Long-nosed Dragon (Gowidon longirostris).