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The Red Pussytail (Ptilotus polystachyus) is the local variant of the red form of the pale greenish-yellow Long Tails (also known as Longtails).

They are an erect sprawling herb that can grow up to 2 metres high. The characteristic flower spikes start off short and then extend into a long narrow cylindrical shape.

Part of the genus Ptilotus, they are part of commonly named Mulla Mullas, that are a group of flowering plants also sometimes called Pussytails, due to their distinctive shaped flower heads.

The plant is a short-lived perennials, native to Australia, common in arid regions on sand dunes, stony and red sandy soils.

  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Tracheophytes
  • Clade: Angiosperms
  • Clade: Eudicots
  • Order: Caryophyllales
  • Family: Amaranthaceae
  • Genus: Ptilotus
  • Species: P. polystachyus
  • Binomial name: Ptilotus polystachyus

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