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The Dingo (Canis dingo) have often been seen here in the Kings Canyon area of Watarrka National Park, including the resort area. They have been known to take the footwear left outside of guests staying in the resort apartments.

They belong to a group of primitive dogs that are characterised by short coats, erect ears, characteristic skull shape and teeth.

The dingo in Central Australia are characterised with a ginger colouration, and whitish chest and paws. They have a bush looking tail. In Central Australia most pure-breed dingoes are of the yellow form, with about one in twenty being coloured black and tan. The dingo differ from domestic dog in that they howl rather than bark, as barking is for short distance communication.

The dingo is found throughout most of mainland Australia, preferring habitats that include forest or woodlands merging with grassland. They are also found in the arid habitats of Central Australia, although this is only where there is fresh water available.

Images © CK Leel

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