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There are various locations in the Red Centre where visitors may increase the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Black-footed Rock Wallaby (Petrogale lateralis). Commonly known as rock wallabies, they can be elusive marsupials, especially blending in with the rocky escarpment. The keen observer can sometimes spot them being perfectly still resting up high, on rocky ledges or even moving around up on the ranges. On occasion they move down to the ground to forage and for water. Places where they have been sighted include Finke Gorge National Park, Ormiston Gorge and Simpsons Gap.

In Alice Springs they have been sighted at Olive Pink Botanic Garden, both up on the hills and within the garden grounds. The East MacDonnell Ranges that head east from Heavitree Gap is another place where they have been sighted.

Please do not feed them, as they are wild animals and anything you give them may not be suitable for their metabolism causing harm.

Rock Wallabies are no taller than half a metre, and it is their agility and speed as they travel across seemingly sheer cliff faces that amazes many people who are lucky to catch a glimpse of them in motion. When not moving, they blend almost perfectly into the rocky escarpment.

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  • Scientific classification
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Infraclass: Marsupialia
  • Order: Diprotodontia
  • Family: Macropodidae
  • Genus: Petrogale
  • Species: P. lateralis
  • Binomial name: Petrogale lateralis

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