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Let AusEmade create and host your web pages

Website creation is a process from conception to final product. How, we reach the end product varies. For the newcomer it relies on trial and experience, picking up ideas, tips and suggestion from those who have been before.

For small, new and up and coming business, the internet may seem daunting, and an internet presences may seem an expensive option. It need not be!

Getting a page up is like sticking a poster up. The next step is getting it noticed. An effective tool is reciprocal linking and submitting it to search engines.

If you have your own ISP, you most probably have space to host a few pages on their server for free.

You can also purchase your own domain name, and either host it yourself, or find a company that will host your site.

Alternatively, you can have it hosted under AusEmade. You can also purchase your own domain name and point the domain to your web pages under AusEmade, pending your future plans for developing your own domain. Check out our rates for web creation and hosting plans.

The Team at AusEmade can help you with ideas from conception to the end product. At any stage if you want to change providers or will be managing your own domain, we can hand the content of the pages over to you to maintain with your own service provider, or you can retain us for future development and changes.

Although we are not recommending any particular site, this section provides some ideas and web sites that you may find of use in this process.

Web Site with your own ISP

If you have your own ISP, you most probably have space to host a few pages on their server for free. This can be a good starting point for many small businesses, and most probably the cheapest option. It also allows you to practice your web creation skills, from understanding HTML (although this is not necessary with many web creation tools, linking, etc. Many ISP will provide documentation on the steps to publishing with them.

The downside of using your own free web space with your ISP, is it will provide a web address that is hard to remember when trying to promote your business.

Many people have started the road to being online by first creating a web site with their ISP. Then once they gain some confidence, they recreate their site with their own domain name, and point the old web site to the new one.

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Web Site with your own Domain

If you decide to get your own domain, there are a number of registrars from whom you can purchase and register your domain. You can search online to find the cheapest deal and also what support they may offer. You can often have your domain hosted by the company you purchase the domain from, or you can find a separate company that provide 'web hosting services'.

For Australian business, you will most probably opt for a domain ending in, although the annual registration cost of a domain is considerably more than a .com name, with .com names being as cheap as $10 US dollars. Prices in Australia seem to be slowly dropping, for the commercial domain names, and of course you can shop around between registrars to find the best deal.

To find a list of Australian registrars, check The Australian Domain Name Administrator website (details found under Internet Resources).

Although it is not necessary, many Australian businesses register both the and the .com domain. This of course is usually based on what your plans are for the future. If you only run a small locally based business with no plans for world domination, you may opt to register and use only one domain.

Once you register your domain, you will want to get your business online, however you may not be ready to create and manage your own website. Another option is to pay someone else to create and manage your own website, or have your business information on another website and point your recently purchased domain name to the address of your existing online information.

A popular option for many Australian accommodation and tour providers, is to have their web presence on a established travel website. Some may then take the decision to purchase a domain name and just point the name to their existing location, until they are ready to develop and manage their own site. An example is which takes you to their existing location at:

Many people pay to get their website created. What you need to ensure is that you can easily maintain the site (make changes to the content), especially in the event your website creator leaves or is no longer in business. For the many small operators, having your information on a larger site, relieves them of having to worry about maintaining their content. Shop around for the best deal, as you can often get a single web page for between $100 to $200 per annum up to 10 web pages for about $300 per annum (this may not include the creation of the pages). We here at AusEmade also offer the option of Australian travel related business to have their information hosted under AusEmade for an agreed annual fee. Some examples include: Smiths Lake Retreat and Audrey Rubuntja.

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Web Site with AusEmade

If your business is travel related, you can have it hosted under AusEmade.

Some examples of other business under AusEmade include:

Read our Web Page and Hosting for more information on costs.

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