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Fitzroy Crossing

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Fitzroy Crossing
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Fitzroy Crossing - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located 400 km east of Broome, 300 km west of Halls Creek, and 250 km south east of Derby, is the quintessential outback Australian town of Fitzroy Crossing. set on the banks of the mighty Fitzroy River.

Discovered in 1873 by George Grey in the HMS Beagle, Fitzroy River was named after the former commander of the ship, Captain Robert Fitzroy. RN. The river rises in the King Leopold and Mueller Ranges, flowing through rugged hills and plains some 750 km before entering King Sound, south of Derby.

Providing a great stopping point for visitors on their way to many of the Kimberley attractions, Fitzroy Crossing has an interesting history. Created out of necessity, the early settlers needed a place from which to ford the river. The old crossing was the shortest and safest route.

Fitzroy Crossing was also the base for the search for the famous Aboriginal outlaw, Jandamarra and his gang.

The town is approximately 114 metres above sea level and is surrounded by the vast flood plains of the Fitzroy River. From May to October, days are warm and dry and nights are cool. From December to March of most years, tropical storms transform the surrounding countryside into a waving sea of green.

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Information Centre

Fitzroy Crossing Tourist Bureau
Flynn Drive
Ph: 08 9191 5355
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Fitzroy Crossing Attractions

Tunnel Creek National Park
Tunnel Creek is approximately 63 km from the main Derby-Fitzroy Crossing Road. It is Western Australia's oldest cave system, and gained fame as the hideout used by the Aboriginal leader known as Jandamarra, who was also killed there in 1897.

Tunnel Creek is a unique formation created by waters from the creek cutting a 750 metre tunnel through the ancient Devonian Reef system. The tunnel is 15 metres wide and up to 12 metres high and offers visitors a great opportunity to walk through the tunnel to the other side. You will be wading through several permanent pools, see stalactites, as well as get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of bats, of which there are at least five species living in the caves, including ghost bats and fruit bats. Freshwater crocodiles are occasionally found in the pools.

Fitzroy Crossing History

Fitzroy Crossing Distance

Distance to Fitzroy Crossing
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Fitzroy Crossing:
Broome 394
Derby 252
Halls Creek 289
Karratha 1,158
Kununurra 647
Newman 1,370
Perth 2,552
Port Hedland 938
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Fitzroy Crossing Maps
Bing Maps - Fitzroy Crossing Western Australia
Google Maps - Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765


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