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Badgingarra - Cities, Towns and Localities
The small township of Badgingarra is located in the Shire of Dandaragan, the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. Just 205 km north of Perth and the near half way point to Geraldton, it is closely located to the popular tourist destinations of Cervantes, Moora and Lancelin.

Gazetted in 1955, the town takes its name from the nearby Badgingarra Pool that lies opposite the old town site, 5 km east of the current township. 'Badgingarra' being an Aboriginal word said to mean 'water by the manna gums'.

Popular with visitors during the wildflower season, Badgingarra has an incredibly diverse bushland, including the distinctive Black Kangaroo Paw (Macropidia fuliginosa) - the Badgingarra logo.

The Badgingarra National Park, covering some 13,121 hectares and is a great place to experience the flora and fauna, and the natural beauty of the region. The Bagingarra Nature Trail begins and ends west of the Brand Highway near the Badgingarra Roadhouse.

Check out our listing of Badgingarra accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Western Australia Visitor Centre - Perth

Pinnacles Visitors Centre - Cervantes

Badgingarra Distance

Distance to Badgingarra
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Badgingarra:
• Cervantes 65
• Dandaragan 62
• Geraldton 216
• Jurien Bay 59
• Lancelin 128
• Monkey Mia 645
• Moora 60
• Perth 205
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Badgingarra Maps
More information on Maps of Western Australia.
Google Maps - Badgingarra WA 6521

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Badgingarra Other links

• Badgingarra Community/Local Government Links
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