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National Parks, Reserve and Wildlife

Victoria, Australia

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Victorian National Parks sites are listed here, click the one you are interested in. If it is not here, you can see a list of national parks from the Parks Victoria - ParkWeb or visit the National Parks home page. Also included are links to some local parks and reserves.

“In the 1950s only 0.5% of the State had been given conservation protection, but that situation has radically changed.

There are now an impressive 49 national parks, 31 state parks, three wilderness parks and 33 other parks protected under Victoria's National Parks Act 1975. In addition, there are over 30 metropolitan parks, and around 3,000 smaller conservation reserves offering various degrees of protection under separate legislation. Together these ostensibly protect over 3.6 million hectares, or about 16% of Victoria, and cover about 40% of the remaining indigenous vegetation.

Most of these parks and reserves are quite small, however, and many are fragmented - indeed, the 11 largest parks account for about three-quarters of the total area reserved.”

Source: Victorian National Parks Assoc

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