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Mount Buffalo Images

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Mount Buffalo
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Mount Buffalo - Cities, Towns and Localities
A four hour drive from Melbourne brings you to this spectacular location above the Ovens Valley. With huge granite cliffs rising up into the sky, this sub-alpine plateau is one of Victoria’s oldest national park having provided visitors a unique and spectacular experience for over 100 years.

With its beautiful scenery, spectacular views from the lookouts, flora and fauna, it provides for some enjoyable activities and great photo opportunities.

Check out some of our images from the Mount Buffalo region.

Mount Buffalo Images Index

Rock pool at Ladies Bath Falls, part of the Eurobin Falls Track Walk.
Eurobin Falls Track Walk
Upper Eurobin Falls cascading over granite rock.
Eurobin Falls Track Walk
Narrow Leaf Peppermint Eucalypts Forest on the Eurobin Falls Track.
Narrow Leaf Peppermint Eucalypts Forest
Mackeys Lookout, elevation 920m.
Mackeys Lookout

Grossman’s Mill Picnic Area
Ivy Goodenia (Goodenia hederacea) Family: Goodeniaceae - Lake Catani.
Ivy Goodenia
Alpine Podolepis (Podolepis robusta) Family: Asteraceae - Lake Canti.
Alpine Podolepis
Scaly Buttons (Leptorhynchos squamatus) Family: Asteraceae - Lake Catani.
Scaly Buttons
Orange Everlasting (Bracteantha subundulata) Family: Asteraceae - Lake Catani.
Orange Everlasting
Torpedo Rock, on-route up to The Horn Picnic Area.
Torpedo Rock
Clustered Everlasting (Chrysocephalum semipapposum) - Mount Buffalo NP
Clustered Everlasting
Alice in her woollen guiding suit - image courtesy of Parks Victoria signage.
Guide Alice
The view from Bents Lookout, elevation 1,300 m.
View from Bents Lookout
Buffalo Mint-bush (Prostantera monticola)
Buffalo Mint-bush
Fireweed Goundsel (Senecio linearifolius) - The Horn, Mount Buffalo.
Fireweed Goundsel
View of The Horn Summit.
The Horn Summit

The Horn Picnic Area and Lookout
The final narrow ascent to The Horn Summit.
The final narrow ascent
Branched Everlasting (Helichrysum adenophorum) Family: Asteraceae
Branched Everlasting
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