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Churchill Island

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Churchill Island
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Churchill Island - Cities, Towns and Localities
Churchill Island is built on a foundation of basalt rocks that date back some 50 million years. Originally part of Phillip Island, when the sea levels rose some 10-15,000 years ago, the land linking them was submerged. You can see some of this basalt bedrock at the northern end of the island.

Cape Barron Goose nesting at the bridge entrance onto Churchill Island.

Before European settlement, the Bunurong Aboriginal people used Churchill Island. The mudflats provided them with a good food source including flounder, shark and oysters.

Churchill Island is Phillip Island’s main historic attraction and was the site of Victoria's first European settlement. Along with Phillip Island, Churchill Island was discovered by George Bass and Matthew Flinders in 1798. It was three years later that Lieutenant James Grant disembarked from the Lady Nelson in 1801, constructed a cottage on Churchill Island and planted corn and wheat crop with seeds supplied by his friend John Churchill, after whom he named the Island. So began the first European agricultural pursuit in Victoria.

Since the 1850’s, the 57 hectare island has been continuously farmed and in 1872 when Samuel Amess, former Mayor of Melbourne, purchased the island for both holiday and farming use. He built a substantial house and outbuildings.

Access to the island prior to the first bridge, was often by barge at high tide, with the cattle being driven across the mudflats at low tide. Then in 1959, the owner at the time, Dr Harry Jenkins had the first bridge built. The current bridge was completed in 2000.

Of the many buildings that still stand and have been restored, include the Amess Homestead (c 1872), Amess Half Cellar, Amess Barn. There is also Rogers Cottages (c 1860) and the Wash House (c 1900).

Source: Churchill Island PO Box 97, COWES VIC 3922

Information Centre

Churchill Island
Ph: 03 5956 7214

Download the Churchill Island Map+Walking Track from Phillip Island Nature Parks.
There is also a 3 Parks Pass, details on the Phillip Island Nature Parks

Phillip Island Nature Park
Ph: 1800 366 422
Ph: 03 5951 2800

Phillip Island Information Centre

Map of island - available from Phillip Island Nature Park site.

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Churchill Island Distance

Distance to Churchill Island
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Churchill Island:
• Inverloch 40.5
• Melbourne 127.1
• Cowes (Phillip Island) 15.1
• Newhaven (Phillip Island) 2.4
• San Remo (Phillip Island) 3.7
• Sunset Strip (Phillip Island) 9.0
• Surf Beach (Phillip Island) 5.6
• Venus Bay 64.4
• Wilsons Promontory NP 124.1
• Wonthaggi 28.5
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
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