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Outback Tours Tasmania

Welcome to tours, attractions and information for Tasmania ‘Outback’ region. Here you will find a range of travel packages, tours and charters, providing a great way to experience the unique outback in Tassie.

So where is the outback? For some ‘outback Australia’ can mean anywhere beyond the urban city metropolitan, although it is really anywhere that is inland of Australia and a long way from the coast and ocean. Whilst Tasmania is not considered a place with an ‘outback’, it does have huge wilderness areas, from rugged sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, the dense rainforest, rivers and waterfalls of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park that links the great Southwest National Park to the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Parks, and the West Coast region that is buffered by the Southern Ocean.

There are many outback tour operators within Tasmania and across Australia. Some are state specific, even region specific, whilst others offer packages that start from a major city to traverse selected parts of the outback and wilderness regions.

Australian holiday makers and international travellers are all invited to come and explore beyond our main cities, and delve deeper into an unforgettable outback and wilderness experience. For further information contact any one of those listed here or visit your tourist information centre or travel agent.

Many tourist like the freedom of the self-drive tours, but don't forget that there are many guided tours, some of which include the tag-along for those bringing their own vehicles. Some tours and charter operators may be listed here under specific destination. Don’t forget to visit the National Outback link and other categories for more tour operators and check out our Motor Vehicles sections, for local clubs.

Outback Tours - Tasmania

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Check out other Viator tours and attractions for Tasmania.

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