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Governor Island Marine Reserve/Governor Island

Tasmania, Australia

Governor Island Marine Reserve
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Governor Island Marine Reserve / Governor Island - Cities, Towns and Localities
Off the east coast from the township of Bicheno is Governor Island and Governor Island Marine Reserve that offers an interesting marine environment to explore. There are two spectacular rock formations called ‘The Castle’ and the ‘Hairy Wall’. There are unusual underwater cliffs that are inhabited by an array of plants and animals normally found on the bottom of the sea. There are invertebrates such as zooanthids, sponges, seafans and anemones.

You can check out the spectacular submarine caves that occur off the north-western corner of the islet near Alligator Rock. At 8 m in depth, it is home for large numbers of fish that live in and around the island.

Governor Island is part of the marine reserve and is an important breeding area for crested terns. Other wildlife seen on the island include little penguins, silver gulls, sooty oystercatchers, kelp gulls, black-faced cormorants, great cormorants, red-capped plovers, hooded plovers and the occasional Australian fur seals.

Governor Island and Marine Reserve from the quay at Bicheno.

Warning: the waters around Governor Island are deep and subject to strong currents and swells. Diving is recommended for experienced divers only, or those under the guidance of an experienced diver.

View across the Gulch of Governor Island and Governor Island Marine Reserve.Swimming and diving is not recommended in The Gulch as this is a busy harbour with a popular boat ramp. The surrounding area is used for commercial fishing, recreational boating, fishing and other water sports. Nearby Waubs Bay offer a safer snorkelling and diving environment.

Visitors are reminded of the ‘Look but Don’t Take’, as the collection or harm of any natural material, living or dead is prohibited. Please ensure that you take all rubbish with you, including plastics that can entrap and kill marine and wildlife.

Source: Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

Additional attractions, tours and other information can be found by contacting the local tourism visitor centre. The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife may also have some information.

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Check out the Visitor's Guide to Tasmania's Marine Reserves - has information on the Governor Island Marine Reserve.
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