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Flinders Island

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Flinders Island
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Flinders Island - Cities, Towns and Localities
One of the outer islands and part of the Furneaux Group of Islands, located north east of Tasmania, Flinders Island was named after Matthew Flinders, an English sea-captain, who arrived on the island when it was completely covered by large eucalypt forests and coastline populated by three species of seals. The largest island of the Furneaux Group at approximately 1,333 sq km, Flinders Island is about 40 km wide and 75 km long, with the Darling Ranges running along the middle of the island.

It is thought that the island was most probably part of the land bridge which joined Tasmania to the mainland. With the melting of the ice in the last ice age, Bass Strait was formed creating islands including that of Flinders and Cape Barren Islands and of course Tasmania, creating some of the most spectacular rock formations and scenery to be found anywhere in the world. Just to the north west of the Furneaux Group are the Kent Group of Islands.

Flinders Island along with the Furneaux Group has a maritime climate with rainfall averaging anywhere from about 600 mm in the southwest to over 800 mm in the central hills. A generally mild climate it is of course in the Bass Strait and subject to the infamous ‘Roaring Forties’ with coastal waters being exposed to strong and variable westerly winds that can blow unabated for several days during the late winter and spring.

With approximately 900 permanent residents, Flinders Island is covered by the Flinders Municipality. Whitemark, Lady Barron and Killiecrankie are the three main population on the island, with Whitemark being the main residential and business centre, and the all-tides port at Lady Barron is the berthing point for the trading vessels.

Source: Flinders Council

Check out our listing of Flinders Island accommodation. More information is available from the local tourism visitor centre, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Flinders Council.

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