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Witjira National Park Images

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Witjira National Park
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Witjira National Park Images - Cities, Towns and Localities

Witjira National Park is a very special place, with magnificent arid desert landscape and steeped in Aboriginal heritage and culture.

This huge national park provides vistas of gibber plains and stony tablelands, flat-topped mesa hills and floodplain country, sand dunes and salt pans. Yet there is something else that makes Witjira National Park, that little bit more special, and that is the thermal mound springs.

Travellers from around the world come to see this outback region, to see first hand the wonders of water bubbling up from out of the ground, mound springs creating desert oasis seemingly dotted around the landscape.

Look at some of our images of Witjira National Park and follow the links to more resources, then come and visit, to enjoy a unique experience deep in South Australia.

Witjira National Park Images

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Witjira National Park sign Signage showing distances to attractions in Witjira National Park Witjira National Park gibber plains
Date Palms (Phoenix dactylifera) were introduced into Dalhousie Springs area Arid landscape with flat-top mesas on the horizon. Crusty layers of salt, around the Dalhousie Springs region
Atyetyarr Uthen / Rainbow Serpent Spring Overflow from the mound springs create small wetland area at Dalhousie Salt deposits are left as the spring water evaporate
View of flat-top mesas from Dalhousie Springs walk Kingfisher Spring / Idnjundura at Dalhousie Colocynth melon growing in Witjira National Park
Brown-head Samphire (Halosarcia indica ssp. leiostachya) Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia)  
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