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Wallaroo - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located in the Yorke Peninsula, the town of Wallaroo is found in the area called the Copper Coast, sometimes referred to as ‘The Copper Triangle’, being one of three main towns in the area, the other two being Kadina and Moonta.

Prior to European settlement, the dating of historical artefact found in coastal sand-dunes, indicate that Aboriginal tribes had settled the Yorke Peninsulas between 14,000-40,000 BC. The first European to sight the Wallaroo area was Captain Matthew Flinders during a survey expedition of the Australian coastline in 1802 when he discover and mapped the Spencer Gulf. Flinders named the peninsula after the Right Honourable Charles Phillip Yorke. The local Aborigines were the Narunga Tribe comprised of the Koornarrah, the WInderah, the Dilpah and the Wareeh, who called the area “Wadla-Waru”.

The district of northern Yorke Pensinsula was used as a winter pasture for the running of sheep. A station was built near Wallaroo Bay and a jetty purpose built for loading bales of wool. In the late 1850s the station was owned by a retired master mariner, Captain Walter Watson Hughes, who instructed his workers to inform him if they came across any “green stones”, an indication of the presence of copper. In 1859, a shepherd named James Boor, in the employ of Captain Hughes, discovered traces of green copper carbonate around a marsupial rat’s burrow, next to a shearing shed in the area now known as the Wallaroo Mines. Hughes lost no time in taking out a mining lease with the directors of Elder Stirling and Company.

By 1861 the town boasted the largest copper smelters outside Wales, processing copper ore from the Wallaroo Mines at Kadina and the Moonta Mines. For a detailed history of the town and region, check out the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum.

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The Mac's Beachfront Villas Wallaroo - homeThe Mac’s Beachfront Villas
9 Jetty Road
Ph: 08 8823 2137
Fax: 08 8823 3622

Yorke Peninsula Regional Visitor Information Centre - Kadina

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Wallaroo Attractions

Wallaroo Heritage Trail
One of the best ways to explore Wallaroo is to pick up a copy of ‘Discovering Historic Wallaroo’ that includes both heritage and walking traild, from the visitor centre.
Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum
• Cnr Jetty Rd and Emu St, WALLAROO SA 5556 • Ph: 08 8823 3277
Originally a Post Office (1865-1910), the building now houses extensive displays that reflect the town’s strong maritime and mining history. Displays include the copper smelting era that lasted from 1861-1923, postal and telephone history, religious and civic affairs, industry, sport, entertainment, as well as the extensive nautical and general local history. Located in the front of the museum in Investigator Park is the former Tipara Reef Lighthouse (1877-1996) relocated to the museum in 2001.
Wallaroo Jetty
Today, you are looking at the third Wallaroo Jetty. The first jetty was built in 1861 to deliver copper to the port from the Wallaroo mine. The third jetty was built to withstand the rigours of the railway line and bulk freighters. The jetty is 863 metres long and became part of the Bulk Handling facility in 1958 and was opened to anglers in 1971. Aquatic life found around the jetty include Nudibranchs, Rays, Trevally, Yellowtail Kingfish, Garfish, Mackerel, Tommies, Port Jackson Sharks and the occasional Wobbegong and is popular with scuba divers. The jetty is is also home to many birds, some of which nest between the wharf plankings. A section of the Wallaroo Jetty has been sectioned off to provide a swimming area, suitable for children (under supervision).
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Wallaroo Events

South Australia Events
Kernewek Lowender
• Cornish Festival • 50 Moonta Rd, KADINA SA 5554
• Ph: +61 8 8821 2333 • Freecall: 1800 654 991 • Email
• May - Held every odd-numbered year
A cultural festival full of entertainment, activities and fun  for young and old, attracting over 80,000 people to the Northern Yorke Peninsula. The events that make up the festival spread over a week, is held throughout the Copper Coast region that include Kadina, Moonta, Wallaroo and their mines.
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Wallaroo Distance

Distance to Wallaroo
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Wallaroo:
Adelaide 157
Ardrossan 68
Burra 140
Clare 100
Gawler 142
Kadina 9
• Marion Bay 181
Moonta 17
Peterborough 189
Port Augusta 199
Port Pirie 106
• Port Vincent 110
• Port Wakefield 61
• Yorketown 128
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.
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• Wallaroo Maps
Bing Maps - Wallaroo, SA
Google Maps - Wallaroo SA 5556
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