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Oodnadatta / Oodnadatta Track - Cities, Towns and Localities

The desert township of Oodnadatta is one of those iconic destinations that represents the 'Australian Outback'. Surrounded by over 7,500 square kilometres of cattle stations and national parks, the township is at the heart of an equally iconic touring drive, the 'Oodnadatta Track'.

This historic centre was once a crossroad, that bustled with drovers, cameleers, gold miners and Aboriginal people. It was the hub for the transcontinental railway, with construction starting way back in 1891, until completion in 1929. Prior to that, all mail, freight and travellers had to endure the six day camel back ride to Alice Springs.

Oodnadatta is synonymous with 'The Pink Roadhouse', the focal point of Oodnadatta and one of outback Australia's unique roadhouses.

Today, it is a must do trek for many Australians, with some doing it several times. Oodnadatta township is your stop for refuelling, provisions and hot food for those passing through. There is a caravan park, self-contained and budget accommodation for those wanting to stay longer and can help with repairs, breakdown vehicle recovery and vehicle transport.

Oodnadatta canoe hire

Oodnadatta is also a meeting and departure point for those planning to cross the Simpson Desert, that takes in Witjira National Park and the popular Dalhousie Springs.

Oodnadatta is from the Aboriginal Arrernte word 'utnadata', meaning 'blossom of the mulga'. The town is located on the north-western section of an area that was once traditionally that of the Arabana People. Today, the Indigenous population includes those with Aranda, Antikarinya, Luritja and Pitjantjatjara family ties. Many Afghans had settled in Oodnadatta and Marree, with some marrying into the Indigenous community.

When you’re travelling the track make sure you’re well prepared. Check out our listing of Oodnadatta accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre icon The Pink Roadhouse
Post Office
1 Katurka Terrace
Ph: 08 8670 7822
Freecall: 1800 802 074
Fax: 08 8670 7831
Post Office Ph: 08 8670 7819

Flinders Ranges & Outback Information
Freecall: 1800 633 060

Made it to the Oodnadatta Pink Roadhouse
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Oodnadatta Attractions

Oodnadatta Railway Station
• Part of the Old Ghan Railway Heritage Trail, Oodnadatta has a museum in the old Ghan Railway Station. There is a great set of images of the station on the ARDP site.
The Pink Roadhouse
• 1 Katurka Terrace, OODNADATTA SA 5734 • Ph: 08 8670 7822 • Email
• Refuelling, provisions, hot food and post office. There is a caravan park, self-contained and budget accommodation.
Marree to William Creek
• The track from Marree to William Creek is approximately 203 km, with 8 disused railway sidings, a repeater station, artesian mound springs and other ruins, relics of a bygone era.
Alberrie Creek
• Once a railway siding on the old Ghan line, Alberrie Creek would have fallen off the map, except for the wondrous Mutonia Sculpture Park.
Algebuckina Bridge
• About 50 km south-east of Oodnadatta, at the Neales River Crossing is the Algebuckina Bridge. Spanning over half a kilometre, this is South Australia's longest rail bridge.
Artesian Mound Springs
• The Oodnadatta Track passes through the incredible natural phenomenon known as the ‘artesian mound springs’, that stretch from Marree, pass the popular Dalhousie Springs and a number of others.
Curdimurka Siding
• With restoration of a number of Ghan sidings by the Ghan Railway Preservation Society, that continue today, the Curdimurka Siding is also one of the locations used by the society to raise funds with an bi-annual ball, held in October during the even numbered years.
Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park
• Access to the conservation park is via the Oodnadatta Track, with the entrance about 6 km south-east of Cowards Springs. Vehicle access within the park is limited to the several km long entrance road to the parks start attraction, the Blanche Cup and The Bubbler mound springs. Both springs are great examples of natural artesian springs. Hamilton Hill, a large hill in an otherwise flat landscape is an extinct mound spring and another significant feature of this extremely fragile and arid environment.

Source: Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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Oodnadatta Events

• South Australia Events
Oodnadatta Races and Gymkhana
• Oodnadatta Racing & Horse Sports Inc
• Held over the Adelaide Cup Weekend in May
• Since 1890, Oodnadatta comes alive to host one of the oldest picnic race meetings in the Australian Outback. Come and experience a fun filled weekend in the South Australia's real outback.
Oodnadatta Bronco Branding & Campdraft
• July
• Showcasing the traditional skills of the men and women of he bush in the competition area.
Outback Ball • Curdimurka Ball
• The historic Curdimurka Railway Siding is transformed every two years (even numbered) to host an Outback Ball under a canopy of glittering stars. A show not to be missed.
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Oodnadatta Tours

SA Tours • Outback  • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Wrights Air
• Ph: 08 8955 5670 • Email
• Come and experience the spirit of the outback with Wrightsair. We are committed to providing quality service and safety both on the ground and in the air when you fly with us. Our specialty flights include flights over Lake Eyre from William Creek and flights from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock. Flights can also be customised to meet specific customer needs.
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Oodnadatta Track Distance

Distance to Oodnadatta Track
• Following are some approximate distances by road to and along the Oodnadatta Track:
From   To Km
• Lyndhurst to • Farina 25
• Farina to • Marree 55
• Marree to • Alberrie Creek 30
• Alberrie Creek to • William Creek 80
• William Creek to • Oodnadatta 205
• Oodnadatta to • Marla 145
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.
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• Oodnadatta Maps
Flinders Ranges & Outback Maps
Bing Maps - Oodnadatta, SA
Google Maps - Oodnadatta SA 5734
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Oodnadatta Local Services

Transcontinental Hotel
• Ika Turka Terrace, OODNADATTA SA 5734 • Ph: 08 8670 7804 • Email
• Your South Australia outback watering hole with cold beer, meals, souvenirs and accommodation. Limited opening hours.
The Pink Roadhouse
• Post Office, OODNADATTA SA 5734
• Ph: 08 8670 7822 • Freecall: 1800 802 074 • Fax: 08 8670 7831 • Post Office Ph: 08 8670 7819 • Email
• The site was originally put together by 12 year old Brett Williams and as the site states it’s “Mission bloody statement: to provide travellers with correct, up to date, toll free phone information for enjoyable access to an area Australians are yet to learn to love”.
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Oodnadatta Other Links

• Oodnadatta Community/Local Government Links
• Oodnadatta Community Links
Blanche Cup - Wabma Kadarbu Conservation Park
Blanche Cup - Wabma Kadarbu Conservation Park.
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