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Leigh Creek Attractions

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Leigh Creek
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Leigh Creek - Cities, Towns and Localities
Leigh Creek and surrounding region is a great place to experience the 'Australian outback', and to learn about the hardship of the early explorers, and admire the landscape. There are a number of attractions for the visitor to Leigh Creek, including:
  • Aroona Dam and Sanctuary
  • Retention Dam
  • Coal Mine Tours
  • Puttapa Gap
  • Old Beltana
  • Sliding Rock
  • Warraweena Mt Hack
  • Mountain of Light
  • Iga warta
  • Nepabunna
  • Mt McKinley
  • Italowie Gorge
  • Balcanoona to Mt Hopeless
  • Gammon Ranges National Park
  • Big Moro Gorge
  • Echo Camp
  • Arkaroola
  • Copley
  • Farina
  • Lyndhurst
  • The Ochre Pits
  • The Strzelecki Track
  • Terrapinna Waterhole
  • Blinman
  • Blinman Pools
Leigh Creek Attractions
Aroona Sanctuary
• Aroona Dam, LEIGH CREEK SA 5731
• Distance: 5.5 km long - 2 to 3 hour walk (a shortened route will take about 1 hour to complete at a leisurely pace)
• This walking trail commences at the Information Bay Car Park and continues west along the road (following the creek) for 250 m. Take the track to the right, leading down to the creek. There are 18 numbered  ‘kangaroo’ signs which describe features along the trail. Also look out for the 8 interpretive signs.
  • The Yellow-Footed Rock-Wallaby — Andu is the Adnyamathanha (local Aboriginal people) word for the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby. With European colonisation came feral goats, rabbits, predatory foxes and feral cats, that competed if not killed the rock-wallaby. Since 1996 the Yellow-footed Rock-Wallaby have successfully been reintroduced to the Aroona Dam area, now declared a sanctuary.

    The re-introduction of the species is an ongoing project undertaken by NRG Flinders, Adelaide Zoo, Monarto Zoological Park, Leigh Creek Area School, Melbourne and Taronga Zoos and the Department of Environment, Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs.

Coal Train
• Each train is 2.8 km long and consists of 161 wagons carrying about 11,500 tonnes of coal. The coal is then railed 280 km to the power stations at Pt Augusta. It is a sight to see Australia’s longest coal train on its journey.


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