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Ceduna - Cities, Towns and Localities
Travellers often choose Ceduna as a stopover after crossing or having crossed the Nullarbor Plain, in fact the town’s name is derived from the Aboriginal word “chedoona”, meaning “a resting place” which was next to a waterhole two kilometres out from town. Ceduna is very much the last easterly stop before entering the famed wastelands of the Nullarbor Plain and the vast flatlands which lie to the north of the Great Australian Bight. On the other side, to the west lies Norseman (1,208 km), with a number of roadhouses, that provide food, accommodation and fuel, in between.

Located 1,964 km from Perth, 470 km from Port Augusta and 781 km north west of Adelaide on the Eyre Highway, Ceduna is a great place to make base or to rest, where you can stay at any one of the many motels or caravan parks. You can enjoy the water sports, laze on the beach, visit the Denial Bay, Thevenard, Laura Bay and Smoky Bay.

Pieter Nuyts (Dutch sailors) was the first Europeans to the the coastline near Ceduna, in his 1627 voyage across the Great Australian Bight. He was to reach the islands off the coast, now known as Nuyts Archipelago before turning west to head for Batavia. Then followed other explorers, Matthew Flinders in 1802, who sailed down the coast of Eyre Peninsula in the Investigator naming prominent landmarks along the way. It was also in 1802 that French explorer Nicholas Baudin sailed up the coast and named Murat Bay after one of Napoleon’s marshalls and Thevenard after a French admiral.

The settlement of Denial Bay, named by Matthew Flinders, was created to load and unload supplies. The rocks ran out into the bay and ships could come quite close to the shore while loaded wagons could be driven out across the rocks at low tide. Remnants of the landing sit forlornly about 50 metres from the shore. Close inspection still shows the grooves in the rocks where the bullock drays were driven out to the jetty.

There is much to enjoy including fishing and 4WD, or one of the many tour trips around the region that can include whale sightings, and the unique flora and fauna. The jetty built in 1903 by John Tait, which runs out into Murat Bay from the bottom of McKenzie Street is a great place for fishing.

Check out our listed Ceduna accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre icon

Ceduna Visitor Information Centre
58 Poynton Street, CEDUNA SA 5690
Ph: 08 8625 2780
Fax: 08 8625 3294.
Freecall: 1800 639 413

Ceduna Attractions

Ceduna Museum
• Built in 1912 and once the town’s first school, it is now a National Trust Building and surrounded by exhibits of local farming equipment and also houses much of the equipment used during the 1950s when atomic testing was going on at Maralinga. There are lots of old photographs, a room devoted to the medical history of the region, a display of domestic utensils, with a specific policy to store and display the ‘commonplace’ rather than the exceptional. The museum grounds includes a number of old school classrooms, the first Ceduna gaol, the Denial Bay gaol, a blacksmiths shop, a shed for horse drawn vehicles, and a large farm machinery shed.
• Including surf and rock fishing, as well as fishing from the jetty and boats. The types of fish and sea life found, include King George whiting, silver whiting, Tommy Ruffs, leatherjackets, garfish, silver drummer, snook,  salmon, trevally, sweep, mulloway, mullet, as well as white pointers, school shark, hammerheads, bronze whalers,  and gummy sharks.
Kongwirra Repeater Station
• Ph: 08 8678 2006
• 11 km east, off the Eyre Highway, monitors communications throughout Australia as well as being a vital link for nearby OTC satellite dishes. Run on wind power, and with a diesel engine for windless days, The Repeater Station is open for inspection.
Laura Bay Conservation Park
OTC Ceduna Station
• 37 km to the north of Ceduna is the Overseas Telecommunications Commission Ceduna Station which handles all international telecommunications from Europe, Japan and the Middle East. Designed to send and receive microwave signals from satellites located above the Indian Ocean, it is an awesome experience to see the two huge discs against the sky. Ceduna 1 was built in 1969 and is 32.8 m high, weighs 300 tonnes and has a diameter of 29.6 m. Ceduna 2 was completed in 1980 and is 35.2 m high, weighs 260 tonnes and is 32 m in diameter. There are guided tours.

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Ceduna Tours

SA Tours • Outback  • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Sea-Dune-AH Tours
• Incorporating Ceduna Fishing Adventures • PO BOX 181, CEDUNA SA 5690
• Ph: 08 8625 3136 • Freecall: 1800 639 413 (Bookings Only)
• Mobile: 0419 833 199 • Fax: 08 8625 3136 • Email
• Family owned and operated tour business.
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Ceduna Local Services

• Ceduna Newspaper
West Coast Sentinel • Email
• Local online paper includes information on local info and entertainment.
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Ceduna Distance

Distance to Ceduna
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Ceduna:
• Adelaide via Port Augusta 774
• Border Village 479
• Coffin Bay 386
• Penong 73
• Port Augusta 468
• Port Lincoln 403
• Whyalla 455
• Yalata 202
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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• Ceduna Maps
Bing Maps - Ceduna, SA
Google Maps - Ceduna SA 5690

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Ceduna Other Links

• Ceduna Community/Local Government Links
• Ceduna Related Links
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