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Wilderness Sanctuary

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Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary - Cities, Towns and Localities

With the air of a Martian colony awaiting the arrival of the next supply ship, Arkaroola is a star attraction in the Northern Flinders Ranges region.

Popular with grey nomads and adventurous travellers, the resort provides comfortable accommodation with both a four star and two star rating, a swimming pool, restaurant and a campground.

Opportunities abound for bush walking, four wheel driving and looking at rocks, for it’s a cornucopia for mineralogists and geologists.

The rugged Ridgetop Tour is an absolute must, as is the nightly Observatory Tour. Fight tooth and nail for a spot next to Arkaroola’s owner Doug Sprigg, a walking encyclopaedia and kill for a seat on one of his aerial geology tours over Lake Frome and the Mawson Plateau.

Petrol, basic mechanical repairs and tyre services are available.

How to get there?
Access via Copley or the back road from Yunta. 4WD not necessary, but two spare tyres are advisable. Check for current road conditions at the RAA garage at Copley. The road to Arkaroola is on gravel, so keep the speed down and enjoy the spectacular Gammon Ranges as you pass. There is an airstrip near Arkaroola and transfers can be arranged to and from the resort.

by Luigi Mole

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

The drive into the village of Arkaroola is pass the Ark-Henge display of the geological rock types found in the area and some relics from the mining industry and pioneer days. There is the display visitor centre, with the actual reception, for the accommodation booking enquiries opposite. Here you can also get a meal, drink, souvenirs and book your tours.

Check out our listing of Arkaroola accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre icon

Ningana Visitor Centre
Arkaroola Village
Ph: 08 8648 4848
Email Reservations

Flinders Ranges and Outback Information

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Arkaroola Attractions

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary
• Ph: 08 8648 4848 • Freecall: 1800 676 042 • Fax: 08 8648 4846 • Email • Prices available on-line.
• Arkaroola is a 610 sq km Wilderness Sanctuary located 600 km north of Adelaide and 130 km east of Leigh Creek. Facilities include restaurant, bar, Arkaroola Shop and Service Station, postal service (mail collection Mondays and Thursday), laundry, Telstra pay phones, camping and caravan accommodation, Astronomical Observatory, 4WD tours and scenic flights.

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Arkaroola Events

• South Australia Events
Star Party DownUnder
• Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary • Ph: 08 8648 4848 • Freecall: 1800 676 042 • Email
• January
• Observe the spectacular southern hemisphere skies from Australia's outback at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, situated in the majestic Flinders Ranges. It has it all. Beautiful landscapes during the day, and skies at night that make you want to reach up and touch the stars.
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Arkaroola Tours

SA Tours • Outback  • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary
• Arkaroola - Mt Painter Wilderness Sanctuary - Fully accredited Eco Tours. There is a tour to suit everyone, from exhilarating 4WD tours to discovering our spectacular night skies at one of our observatories. There are Ridgetop Tours, Waterhole Tours, Echo Camp Backtrack Tours, Scenic Flights, Weetbix and Wallabies Tour (early morning opportunity to spot the rare Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby by a waterhole, Bats and Boobooks Tour, Written in the Rocks Tour (explore ancient earth history and discover the complex Geology of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary) and the Village Walk Tour.

Astronomical Tours
• Ph: 08 8648 4848 • Freecall: 1800 676 042  • Fax: 08 8648 4846 • Email
• Arkaroola boasts some of the best astronomical  ‘seeing conditions’ in the Southern Hemisphere — our night skies are free of atmospheric and light pollution to provide you with a truly unforgettable experience. Tour the universe from one of Australia’s largest privately owned Astronomical Observatories with the new age Star Chairs or by using one of our large range of astronomical telescopes. Our facilities and equipment includes:

  • Harlequin Mistletoe (Lysiana exocarpi)Three separate observatories including the Sir Mark Oliphant Observatory and the Dodwell Observatory
  • Two 360 mm (14-inch) f11 Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain computer-guided telescopes
  • Two 124 mm (5-inch) Meade Maksutov-Cassegrain computer-controlled telescopes
  • Three Star Chairs, each fitted with powerful 20x80 astronomical binoculars - computer or manually operated
  • Three piers with wedges for BYO telescopes, and
  • Astrophotography equipment, including CCD, is also available.

There are 2 Astronomical Tours to choose from — the Observatory Tour and our Star Chairs Tour. (1 hour plus 30 minute briefing).

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Arkaroola History

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary
• Geological Wonderland • The greatness of Arkaroola has been preserved for the world, thanks to one of Australia’s greatest ever geologist and conservationists, the late Dr. Reg Sprigg, A.O. D.Sc., h.c. A.N.U. and Fliners Uni. Reg’s appreciation for the region dates back to 1937 when he studied the area as a student of the great Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.

In 1967, Reg and Griselda Sprigg purchased what had become Arkaroola Sheep Station, re-establishing native flora and fauna and transforming this special place into a wilderness sanctuary.

Reg practiced eco-tourism 30 years before the word was invented; he was truly a man with a vision.

Come and see this geological wonderland for yourself.

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Arkaroola Distance

Distance to Arkaroola
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Arkaroola:
• Adelaide 679
• Blinman 142
• Copley 116
• Coober Pedy 602
• Leigh Creek 120
• Marree 229
• Nepabunna 53
• Port Augusta 382
• Roxby Downs 436
• Woomera 561
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.
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• Arkaroola Maps
Bing Maps - Arkaroola, SA
Google Maps - Arkaroola SA 5710
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Arkaroola Other Links

• Arkaroola Community/Local Government Links
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