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South Molle Island

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South Molle Island
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South Molle Island is in the heart of the spectacular Whitsunday Passage and features 405 ha of unspoilt National Park, rimmed by scenic beaches, bays and inlets.

It is the perfect location to get away from it all, offering a casual and relaxed atmosphere for both families and couples.

South Molle Island Resort offers the opportunity to play a 9 hole golf course on a resort with spectacular views over the Whitsundays and surrounded by National Park. You can also go snorkelling or swimming at one of the many accessible bays and inlets, take one of the many leisurely walks through the National Park.

The island is a haven for birdlife including the Brahminy Kites, Osprey, Sea Eagles, Kookaburras, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Currawongs, Pheasant Coucal, Australian Scrub Turkeys, Bridled Terns, Rainbow Lorikeets and Eastern Curlews. The Eastern Curlews, are long-legged ground dwellers birds which make a loud screeching noise, often known as “the cry of the lost sailors”.

Other wildlife include a colony of fruit bats (flying foxes), the Green Tree Snake, Brown Python, many species of butterflies, and the Green Tree Ants (distinguishable by their nests, binding together a bunch of leaves with sticky silk). The ants can deliver a painful bite, but are not particularly dangerous. Aborigines have been known to eat these ants as a source of protein and vitamins.

Then, there is of course the huge array of marine life, ranging from the tiny living coral polyps, which make-up the Great Barrier Reef System to the Humpback Whale, growing up to 12 metres. The whales are usually seen during July through to September. Other marine life include Dugongs, Green Turtles, Bottle Nose Dolphins, Stingrays, Black Marlin, Hawsbill Turtles and much more.

Location: Whitsundays, close to the mainland (4 km offshore).
Access: Ferry from Shute Harbour or arrive via Hamilton Island airport or Proserpine Airport.
Population: Resort accommodates up to 250 guests.

For additional information contact the local tourism visitor centre.

Information Centre South Molle Island Resort
Freecall: 1800 075 080 (within Australia)

Tourism Whitsundays

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