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Torres Strait Islands

Information Destination Guide - Queensland Islands

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Torres Strait Islands
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Torres Strait Islands - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located in the ocean waters off the far northern point of Australia's Cape York Peninsula, are several clusters of islands, approximately 274 islands in all, known as the Torres Strait Islands.

These islands are located in the Torres Strait, the body of water that separate Australia from the Melanesian island of New Guinea. The strait links the Arafura Sea to the west with the Coral Sea to the east.

Papua New Guinea is the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, and is approximately 150 km from Cape York at the narrowest point.

Whilst only 14 of the Torres Strait Islands are inhabited, many of the islands are now threatened by the rising sea levels.

In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.
Information Centre Bamaga Island Council

Gulf Savannah Development

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Torres Strait Islands Attractions
• Top Western Islands
This cluster of islands lie close to the south western coastline of New Guinea. The islands include Saibai (one of the largest Torres Strait Islands) and Boigu. These are some of the low-lying islands formed by the deposit of sediments and mud from the rivers of New Guinea. The islands are made up of mangrove swamps and prone to flooding. The other main islands in this group include Dauan.
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• Near Western Islands
This cluster of islands lie south of the strait's midway point and include Moa (Banks Island), Badu (Mulgrave Island), Mabuiag, Pulu Naghir.
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• Inner Islands
This cluster of islands is known as the Thursday Island Group and are the closest to the Cape York Peninsula. The islands include Muralag (Prince of Wales Island, the largest of the strait's islands), the smaller Waiben (Thursday Island, the administrative centre for the region), Mumaralug Island, Nurupai (Horn Island, which holds the region's airport).

Other islands also include Wednesday Island, Zuna Island, Packe Island, Tarilag Island, Dumaralag Islet, Pipa Islet, Turtle Island, Friday (Gealug) Island, Goods (Palilug) Island, Hammond Island, Round Island, Tuesday Islets, Meddler Island, Gaibait Island, Quoin Island, Kai-Yelubi Island, Meggi-Yelubi Island, Possesion Island, Wurrka Island, Wurrka Island, Roko Island, LIttle Roko Island, Wuwurrka Islet, Karniga Island, Dayman Island, Terau Island, Mouinndo Islet, Red Island, Tuluaa Islet, Parau Island, Barn Island, Woody Wallis Island, Red Wallis Islet, Crab Island.
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Thursday Island Tours / Charters

QLD Tours • Outback • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Northern Blue Charters
• Thursday Island, Torres Strait, Far North Queensland 4875
• Ph: 03 9530 9525 • Mobile: 0407 126 755 • Email
• Live-A-Board fishing experience. Come aboard and explore your own fishing paradise!

Northern Blue offers a range of amazing fishing landscapes to explore in the Torres Strait. If fly-fishing or popper casting is your thing, an island hopping adventure will suit. Each Island will impress you with its own striking feature – a rock bar, massive sand flat, bombora system or deep drop off into a green channel. The waterways act as freeways for schools of giant trevally, sea turtles, manta rays and sharks. Sight fishing for trevally around this area is awesome – and not for the faint hearted. Your popper will be set upon by veracious trevally, out muscling each other for a quick feed, then diving deep to test angler’s strength and skill.

On the rising tide you can wade amongst black-tip reef sharks as they herd shoals of mullet into deep water. Bonefish anglers will be keen to flick a fly across the sand flats – the local mullet fishermen tell stories of ‘large invisible fish’ bursting through their soft, hand made nets.
Tony’s Island Adventures
• 10 Pearl St, THURSDAY ISLAND QLD • Ph: 07 4069 1965 Mobile: 0427 691 965 • Email
• Explore Torres Strait and Thursday Island with local Tony Titasey who draws on his thousand year seafaring ancestry in doing what he loves best: fishing and meeting people.

Tony’s Island Adventures offers full day or half day fishing trips or adventures which include bushwalking, visits to a waterhole or fortress or lighthouse or hitting the beach for a swim or a combination of those to include some fishing.. In fact, you can checkout the options and tailor your own tour.

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Torres Strait Islands Transport

Transport: National • QLD
• Flies from Cairns to Thursday Island. The airport is actually on Horn Island (Qantas Info for Horn Island Airport).
Peddells’ Tours • Peddells’ Ferry Service
• Peddells’ - Torres Straits’ most experienced ferry and tour operator. More than just a ferry ride – enjoy the scenic crossing as you pass close by 12 Torres Strait islands.
McDonald Charter Boats Ferry & Bus Service
• The longest operating, locally owned, ferry and bus service providing transfers between the Horn Island Airport and Thursday Island (TI), including courtesy transfers on Thursday Island. Our operation also incorporates a fast Water Taxi to nearby islands and/or Vessel and Bus Charters.
Seaswift Pty Ltd
• 41-45 Tingira St, PORTSMITH QLD 4870 • Ph: 07 4035 1234 • Email
• A sea passage to the far north of Australia is a true voyage of discovery, and the ability to ship your vehicle can provide more exploration options. Seaswift offers passenger and freight services to the Torres Strait region. There is a weekly service between Cairns, along the east coast of Cape York, to Seisia Wharf (Bamaga).
Torres Strait Tours • Rebel Marine • Rebel Tours
• Torres Strait Tours operates the most comprehensive and reliable water transport service in the Torres Strait including scheduled ferry service between Horn Island and Thursday Island, transport to and from the airport on Horn Island, water taxi service to surrounding islands and Cape York, custom designed tours and Thursday Island guided tours.
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