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Mount Hypipamee National Park

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Mount Hypipamee NP
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Mount Hypipamee National Park - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located some 23 km south of Atherton is the Mt Hypipamee National Park. The central attraction of this park is the massive volcanic crater which is now easily accessible by a well maintained walking track and viewing platform that looks into the crater which is 70m across, 58 metres down and then the lake at the bottom approx 82 metres deep. The park is located high on the southern Evelyn Tableland in the Hugh Nelson Range.

The area is mostly high altitude rainforest and harbours some very rare possum species such as the Green Ringtail Possum, the Lemuroid Possum, and Coppery Brush tail Possum as well as the Golden Bowerbird, Spotted Catbird, and Tooth bill Bowerbird. Scrub Turkeys, as well as Lewin’s and bridled honeyeaters are common around the picnic area and Victoria’s Riflebird, a bird of paradise, can be seen in the spring, performing the spectacular mating dance.

The crater sides are sheer and quite spectacular to see, picnic facilities are available, including drinking water, fireplaces, and toilets, along with bushwalks and scenic drives. The Millstream Falls are not far away reputed to be the widest waterfall in Australia.

Access is via Atherton. Camping is not permitted within the park

Contact the local Parks and Wildlife Service or visit the QLD National parks, marine parks and forests website. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service
10-12 McLeod Street
PO Box 2066
Ph: 07 4046 6600

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