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Lakefield National Park

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Queensland, Australia

Lakefield National Park

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Lakefield National Park - Cities, Towns and Localities
Lakefield is Queensland’s second largest national park, covering an area of approximately 537,000 hectares.

Just 200 km north of Cairns, in the Cape York Peninsula is Lakefield National Park, Queensland’s second largest park with rainforest, woodlands, grassy plains and coastal mudflats, along Princess Charlotte Bay. On Flinders and Stanley Islands, in Princess Charlotte Bay, you can experience the wonders of marine life, flying fish, turtles, stingrays, crabs and the rare dugong. The park is also a major crocodile habitat.

Gazetted as a national park in 1979, Lakefield is one of the more isolated national parks on the Cape York Peninsula. The park is located within the Laura Basin which drains northwards into Princess Charlotte Bay. The landscape is rich and diverse with a coastal environment of estuaries, mangroves and mudflats to the north, vast grasslands and woodlands on the floodplains and sandstone hills and escarpments in the south.

The best time to visit Lakefield is during the dry season, April to October, when maximum temperatures range from 27 to 33deg. Temperatures can drop to 15deg. at night during June, July and August. During April and May some late rain is possible and travel within the park may be restricted by boggy roads. To avoid vehicle problems and road damage please observe road closures and restrictions. Penalties can apply.

The weather from October to December can be very hot and thunderstorms are common. The wet season, December to March, usually prevents vehicular access to Lakefield and most of Cape York Peninsula. Maximum temperatures at this time range between 30- 36 deg.

Info: Courtesy of QLD Environment Protection Agency

Lakefield National Park is now known as Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL).

Contact the local Parks and Wildlife Service or visit the QLD National parks, marine parks and forests website. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service - Lakefield National Park
Ranger in Charge
PMB 30
Ph: 07 4060 3258
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