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Hinchinbrook Island

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Hinchinbrook Island
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Hinchinbrook Island - Cities, Towns and Localities
The island is on the northern tip of the world’s largest island national park, surrounded by the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef, and includes the famous Thorsborne Trail. Declared a national park in 1932, Hinchinbrook Island forms part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. This is the island to be, if you want to see the dugongs grazing on the seagrass beds. You can also meet Sly the giant groper living under the pier. There are also turtles and saltwater crocodiles.

As you walk the island, usually from north to south, the first stop is Nina Peak, which provides a panorama of endless mangroves that spread out below, with the bay, channels, ocean and islands that surround Hinchinbrook. You can climb up to the pinnacle to take in the views. Mount Bowen also offers fantastic views, although it is nearly always cloud-capped.

As you walk through the rainforest, negotiating a path through vines and climbers, surrounded by ferns and trees cloaked in moss, over fallen logs and twisted roots, and rocks that afford a path across streams; all awhile lit by dappled light piercing the green canopy above, you feel that this is paradise. Such is the walk, you emerge into a paperbark forests, grassy ground cover and tea-tree scrub that can lead to a swamp, across a heath, through pine forest or into fan palms. There are towering headlands, waterfalls and numerous white-sandy beaches looking out to sweeping bays, but care must be taken as there are crocodiles, especially near the tidal creeks that appear out of the bush, although the trail has been routed to try and avoid these dangers.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service have done a magnificent job, to ensure that visitors enjoy the beauty of the island. There are sheltered rustic campsites near freshwater creeks, partitioned with plenty of space for privacy. In fact sites are restricted to about six, with no more than 40 hikers allowed on the trail at any time. There are pit toilets, and rat-proof food boxes at some sites. This is to prevent the local white-tailed rats and tree rats, that descend on the site at twilight looking for scraps. They are great to watch, but can be persistence at sharing your meal.

Some visitors take advantage of enjoying the small, exclusive retreat of Hinchinbrook Island Resort, located at the far northern end of the island. Facilities include a timber lodge for dining and socialising and ‘treehouse’ sleeping quarters that are connected by boardwalks. It is a great way to start or end your exploration of the ‘island national park’.

The most popular time to visit is from April to September, which is the cooler and drier time of the year. Those who are camping are required to get a permit for a minimum of three nights and four days from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Location: Off Cardwell.
Access: By boat from Cardwell or Hinchinbrook Island Ferries • Ph: 07 4066 8270 (leaving from Port Hinchinbrook).

In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information. For Hinchinbrook Island accommodation click here:

Information Centre Hinchinbrook Island Resort
Freecall: 1800 777 021 (within Australia)
Web: /

Hinchinbrook Visitor Centre
Cnr Bruce Highway and Lannercost Street
Ph: 4776 5211

Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service - Cardwell

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Hinchinbrook Tours/Charters

QLD Tours • Outback • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Hinchinbrook Wilderness Safaris
• 60 Bruce Parade, LUCINDA QLD • Ph: 07 4777 8307 • Fax: 07 4777 8436 • Email (online form)
• Enquire about our range of tours eco tour, channel tour, deluge inlet tour, custom tour - specialised to suit your needs.
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