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Lizard Island

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Lizard Island
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Lizard Island - Cities, Towns and Localities
During his epic voyage up the eastern coast of Australia in 1770, Captain James Cook climbed the peak (359 m) on Lizard Island (now known as Cook’s Look), to chart a course out to sea through the maze of reefs confronting him.

Lizard Island was known as Dyiigurra to the Dingaal Aboriginal people and regarded as a sacred place. The Dingaal believed that the Lizard group of islands had been created in the Dreamtime. They saw it as a stingray with Lizard Island being the body and the other islands in the group forming the tail. It was also used by the people for the initiation of young males and for the harvesting of shellfish, turtles, dugongs and fish.

The island located on the outer reef has 24 sandy beaches, offers the visitors unforgettable sights, spectacular coral and giant clams (some reputed to be 120 years old), against a background of pristine white-sand beaches, blue seas, stunning views and a warm climate. Renowned for the diving, you can come face to face with a huge curious Potato Cod, at the world famous ‘Cod Hole’, who will swim right up close to inspect you with child-like curiosity, as well as amazing Moray Eels and dazzling tropical fishes. There are many fantastic walks, abundant birdlife and you can expect to glimpse a Monitor, the lizard the island is named after.

There is plenty to do including sports fishing and big game fishing (September to November). The world famous Black Marlin Classic is staged annually in October and has resulted in the Lizard Island Game Fishing Club becoming home to seven World and two Australian records.

You can snorkel just off the beach or go to the outer reef for deeper waters. Lizard Island offers full Scuba Diving facilities including equipment and courses. Persons over 45 years are recommended to obtain a dive medical certificate PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.

You can visit the remnants of Mrs Watsons Cottage. In 1879 Captain Robert Watson with his wife, a servant and baby daughter, built a cottage on the island. Captain Watson, was a beche-de-mer (sea cucumber) fisherman and during one of his absences, Aborigines from the mainland attacked the cottage. Mrs Watson, accompanied by her child and the chinese servant, attempted to flee to the mainland in a barrel used for boiling beche-de-mer. The vessel floated away from the coast and all three died of thirst.

In 1939 the island was declared a national park covering (1,000 ha). Camping requires a permit prior to arrival (ring the Cairns office of the National Parks and Wildlife Service on 07 4052 3096. The research station conducts tours every Monday and Friday, Ph: 07 4060 3977.

Location: 230 km north-east of Cairns, 93 km north-east of Cooktown, 27 km from the Queensland coast.
Access: Small plane from Cairns.
Population: Resort accommodates up to 80 guests.

Check out our listing of Lizard Island accommodation and the Great Barrier Reef accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre Lizard Island Resort
Private Mail Bag 40, Cairns
Freecall: 1800 737 678 (within Australia)
Ph: 07 4060 3999
Fax: 07 4060 3991

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