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Daintree National Park

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Daintree National Park
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Daintree National Park - Cities, Towns and Localities
The Daintree National Park is a world renown national park, with large rainforest park, rivers gorges and waterfalls. This 76,000 ha park is located in the far north Queensland, part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area, and is where lush rainforests meet coral reefs, two of the world’s richest ecosystems.

Three sections are accessible to visitors. To the north, is the Cape Tribulation section, stretching in a narrow strip along the coast. On some parts of the coastline, rainforest grows to the high tide mark, at a point where fringing reefs lie just offshore. Mossman Gorge Section, the most southerly developed part of the park, is just a few minutes from Mossman. There are walking tracks which start at Mossman Gorge, that pass through rainforest and some great swimming holes. Snapper Island section, just offshore, is surrounded by the protected waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Each year, many thousands of tourists visit Daintree National Park, exploring this wonderful tropical wilderness. The wet season is from December to April. During this time the last section of road to Cape Tribulation may be closed after heavy rain. Cruises are available up the Daintree River and is a great way to see the wildlife, including our famed crocodiles.

Cruising the Daintree River

Words of Caution:
  • Several types of marine stingers are found in the coastal and estuarine waters during the summer months between October to May, and can kill. Wear protective clothing or do not swim between October and May. If stung, flood the area with vinegar and seek medical attention.
  • You should wear protective clothing and do not swim between the months of October and May.
  • Boil or treat water before drinking. Drink frequently. When bushwalking, carry town or bottled water.
  • Estuarine crocodiles live in coastal rivers, estuaries and the sea in the Daintree National Park. These animals are very dangerous. Don’t swim in these waters.
  • Cassowaries are potentially dangerous and must be treated with caution. Stay well clear but don’t run away from them if confronted. Back away slowly.

Visitor facilities: the Mossman Gorge section has short walking trails, toilets, picnic tables, water. There are accommodation, cafes and shops nearby. Click here for information on Cape Tribulation and Snapper Island sections.

Check out our listing of Daintree accommodation. Contact the local Parks and Wildlife Service or visit the QLD National parks, marine parks and forests website. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service - Mossman

Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service - Port Douglas


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Daintree National Park Attractions

• Don’t forget your binoculars. As well as bird-watching, you can sit quietly by the river and watch for saw-shelled turtles and jungle perch in Mossman Gorge. It is also a great place for frog spotting at night.
 • Can fish in the ocean, as well as in the tidal waters of coastal streams, except Cooper Creek. Check out the restrictions — only two lines per person on Snapper Island, no fishing north of Cape Tribulation headland, no fishing in any freshwater streams.

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Daintree National Park Distance

Distance to Daintree National Park
• 'The Daintree' is a term used to describe a region that stretches from Mossman Gorge (close to Port Douglas) in the south, to the Bloomfield River in the north (midway between Cooktown and Cape Tribulation). This huge region encompasses Daintree National Park, Daintree Village (a settlement just 12 km upstream from the Daintree River ferry crossing) and the Daintree Coast. The Daintree Coast stretches between the Daintree River, whose estuary opens out into the Coral Sea near Snapper Island and the Bloomfield River in the north.

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• Daintree National Park Maps
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Bing Maps - Daintree National Park, QLD
Google Maps - Daintree National Park QLD
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Daintree NP Tours/Charters

QLD Tours • Outback • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Whilst you can explore Daintree National Park under your own steam, there are a number of tour and charters that operate out of Cairns, providing a great way to experience the Daintree. Also see our Daintree Tours/Charters listing.

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Daintree National Park Other Links

• Daintree National Park Community/Local Government Links
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