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Capricorn Cays National Park

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Capricorn Cays NP
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Capricorn Cays National Park - Cities, Towns and Localities
Made up of 22 reefs at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef on the Tropic of Capricorn, there are 16 coral cays  attached to the reefs with the largest being North West Island at 105 ha. 8 of these cays are part of the Capricorn Cays National Park, with 4 available for camping, they are Tyron Island, North West Island, Masthead Island, and Lady Musgrave Island.

6 cays are used for scientific purposes and are closed to the public (Wreck, One Tree, east and west Hoskyn and east and west Fairfax Islands) the remaining two (North Reef and Lady Elliot Island)  are part of the commonwealth and are not part of either park.

Most of the islands are home to a mass of seabirds in fact 70% of the seabirds within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park nest on these islands. Visitors should be careful of nesting birds during breeding seasons (October-March). Green Turtles also use these Islands as a breeding ground the number of turtles here could be the largest local population in the world.

There are several ship wrecks on the cays which make for wonderful diving and fish viewing. North West Island was once home to a turtle soup cannery. Bird guano was also mined here during the 1890's some remains can still be found.

Camping is by permit only on the islands and in designated areas, as there are no visitor facilities all camping equipment and supplies must be supplied, proper disposal of human waste and rubbish in these pristine environments is a must to preserve the environment for future visitors.

Access to the island is by private or charter boat only, many charter boats are available to take visitors to the 4 islands all of which are located within 90km of Gladstone. Contact the Capricornia Cays booking number listed below for current operators and bookings.

All boat users must not anchor on the coral reefs, most of the islands have limited anchorage.

Contact the Parks and Wildlife Service for additional information.

Information Centre Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service - Gladstone
136 Goondoon Street
Ph: 07 4971 6500

Capricornia Cays National Park Bookings
Ph: 13 13 04

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Capricorn Cays National Park Attractions

Capricorn Coast National Park
• Small coastal park near Yeppoon with a variety of habitat including windswept cliffs, dry rainforest and grasslands, dune vegetation.

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