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Aramac and Aramac Shire

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Aramac / Aramac Shire
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Located just 68 km north of Barcaldine, Aramac Shire covers an area of 23,232 km2. The township of Aramac is located on Aramac Creek that flows into the Thompson River. Forming part of the Lake Eyre Basic Catchment, the township is located on rich black soil and relies solely on water from the Great Artesian Basic to service the community’s need.

The pastoral town of Muttaburra is located on the junction of the Thompson and Landsborough Rivers. These rivers are usually a series of waterholes that get smaller, to eventually dry out in the winter. It is only after good rain, does the rivers flow and in the event of a flood, they turn into raging torrents, with the last recorded flood in March 1995, when the waters were nearly three miles wide.

In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.
Information Centre Aramac Information Centre Post Office
Gordon Street, ARAMAC QLD 4726
Ph: 07 4651 3147

Dr Arratta Memorial Museum
Nev Bullen Drive,
Ph: 07 4658 7235

Visit the Aramac Shire Council for a calendar list of events.

Aramac Shire Attractions

Dr Arratta Museum
• Nev Bullen Drive, MUTTABURRA QLD 4732 • Ph: 07 4658 7287 (contact Nev Bullen)
• Formerly the Muttaburra and District Hospital, it now houses much of the original medical and social history of the area. Dr Arratta MBE arrived in Muttaburra in 1925 and spent 35 years here. The operating theatre, which has been restored to its original state, dates back to 1933. The main building was built in 1957.
Gracevale Caves
• These unique caves are on the edge of the Aramac Range. The caves contain rare examples of traditional Aboriginal rock art, covering over 100 metres along the escarpment and are estimated to be at least 10,000 years old.

Gordon Cave
• Includes a labyrinth of weathered caves and blowholes. It is alleged that in 1869 Government Troopers massacred forty Aborigines.

Muttaburra Scenic Nature Drive
• Starting at the town grid in Muttaburra, the drive takes in a circuit of about 4 km. An additional 6 km includes historic sites such as the Union Hole and Shearers Strike Camp, and the Muttaburra Cemetery. The drive takes in a variety of landscape from the gidgee sucker country to desert sand ridges and black soil channel type country. With some 21 species of trees (examples have been marked along the route), that include acacia, eucalyptus, eremophila, grevillea and others. A map of the drive is available from the information centre in Muttaburra.
Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur
• Discovered in 1963 on Rosebury Downs Station by Doug Langdon whilst mustering along the Thomson River, the fossil remains had been scattered by the movement of cattle for years. Some of the locals had even taken pieces home with them. Doug Langdon contacted the Queensland Museum and once the importance of the find was known, most of the material that had been souvenired was returned.

At the time of the find, it was the most complete dinosaur skeleton found in Australia, although now it is second to Minmi paravertebra found near Roma. The dinosaur is from the early Cretaceous marine deposits of central Queensland, living 100 million years ago. Muttaburrasaurus is a plant eater about 7 metres long and walked on its hind legs, spending most of its time foraging and resting on all fours. It belongs to the onithopod group of dinosaurs.

Three specimens have been found in Queensland, this one near Muttaburra, two near Hughenden and two near Lightening Ridge. The life-size replica standing in the park in Muttaburra opposite the store, was purchased by Neil Hall 1988.

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Aramac Shire Events

• Queensland Events
Harry Redford Cattle Drive
• Attention: HRCD Coordinator, Aramac Shire Council • Ph: 07 4651 3311 • Fax: 07 4651 3156 • Email
• May/June
In your wild erratic fantasy,
visions come to you of HARRY,
Gone-a-droving 'down the Thompson',
where the Western drovers go.
As the stock are slowly stringing,
Harry rides behind them singing.
For the drover's life has pleasures,
that the townsfolk never know.

And the bush has friends to meet him,
and their kindly voices greet him,
In the murmur of the breezes,
and the river on its bars.
And he sees the vision splendid,
of the sunlit plains extended.
And at night the wondrous glory,
of the everlasting stars.
• Be right there in the saddle and discover the secrets of horsemanship and droving knowledge passed on from generation to generation.

Ride through the desert country, down the jump up, across the clayplans and through the Mitchell grass plains.

Roll out your swag under the stars and witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets, bush yarns, bush poetry and fair dinkum true blue droving (camp oven) tucker.

Experience first hand an authentic outback cattle drive.

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