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Queensland is home to some magnificent and popular islands, providing access to marine park, national park and world heritage listed area. As well as islands providing refuge to unique and endangered flora and fauna, there are the many resort style islands catering for the tourist, ranging from budget to 5 star and boutique style resorts.

Following are listed some island accommodation within the Queensland coastal regions. Internet room rates can vary between our partners, for the best possible rate please compare all online booking services listed for each town or city.

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Orpheus Island Accommodation

Orpheus Island Resort
• ORPHEUS ISLAND QLD • Ph: 07 4777 7377 • Email
• Details: Island Resort accommodation in Queensland, like no other... a combination of luxury resort facilities, unrivalled cuisine, expert attention and natural wonders in one of the world's greatest natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, set Orpheus Island apart from the crowd.
Orpheus Island Camp Sites
• Ph: 07 4776 1700 / 07 4721 2399
• Details: At Yankee and Pioneer Bays (permits required from the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service).
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South Long Island Accommodation

South Long Island Nature Lodge
• South Long Island, WHITSUNDAY'S QLD 4802 • Ph: +61 7 4946 9777 • Email
• Details: A secluded retreat on a Great Barrier Reef island, catering for a maximum of ten guests in a spectacular unspoilt natural environment. All inclusive tariff.
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South Molle Island Accommodation

South Molle Island is in the heart of the spectacular Whitsunday Passage and features 405 ha of unspoilt National Park, rimmed by scenic beaches, bays and inlets.

The island is a haven for wildlife including a variety of birds species, a colony of fruit bats (flying foxes), the Green Tree Snake and Brown Python, many species of butterflies, and the Green Tree Ants (distinguishable by their nests, binding together a bunch of leaves with sticky silk). The ants can deliver a painful bite, but are not particularly dangerous. Aborigines have been known to eat these ants as a source of protein and vitamins.

Then, there is of course the huge array of marine life, ranging from the tiny living coral polyps, which make-up the Great Barrier Reef System to the Humpback Whale, growing up to 12 metres. The whales are usually seen during July through to September. Other marine life include Dugongs, Green Turtles, Bottle Nose Dolphins, Stingrays, Black Marlin, Hawsbill Turtles and much more.

Check out our listing of South Molle Island accommodation.
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Whitsunday Group of Islands Accommodation

Prior to the last Ice Age the region encompassing the Whitsunday Group of Islands was once connected to the mainland of Queensland, Australia and would have formed part of the mountains in the area. With the melting of the polar caps the valleys between the mountains became submerged, creating the current network of 74 islands known collectively as the Whitsunday Group of Islands.

Sometimes referred to just as the Whitsundays, there are a number of islands that are popular holiday destinations: Brampton Island, Daydream Island, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Lindeman Island, South Long Island, South Molle Island and many more.

Check out our listing of Whitsunday Group of Islands accommodation.
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