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Keppel Islands Accommodation

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Keppel Islands
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Keppel Islands - Cities, Towns and Localities Accommodation
• Great Keppel Island
• Pumpkin Island
Other towns, villages and localities in the Keppel Islands include:
• Barren (First Lump) Island • Conical Island • Corroboree Island • Curtis Island • Divided Island • Girt Island
• Halfway Island • Hummocky Island • Humpy Island • Miall Island • Middle Island • Mother Macgregor Island
• North Keppel Island • Peak Island • Pelican Island • Sloping Island • Wedge Island
Welcome to accommodation Keppel Islands accommodation located within Keppel Bay off the Capricorn Coast in Queensland (QLD), Australia.

There are 18 islands in the Keppel Islands group, of which one of the most well known is the Great Keppel Island, which at 1,454 ha is the largest of the island group.

Among the group of islands in the Keppel Bay area, 12 of the islands have been declared National Parks, some offering unique opportunities for camping. The largest of these declared national parks island is North Keppel Island, being 627 ha.

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Keppel Islands Accommodation

• Keppel Islands Camping & Caravan
Check out the Keppel Islands Camping and Caravan Park Accommodation in Queensland.
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• Great Keppel Islands Other Accommodation
Check out our listed accommodation for the Great Keppel Island and Pumpkin Island.
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