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Cape Tribulation Accommodation

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Cape Tribulation
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Welcome to Cape Tribulation accommodation, Queensland (QLD), Australia.

Cape Tribulation is an area just north and part of the Daintree National Park and is one of the few places in Australia where the rainforest runs right down to the water. This Wet Tropical Rainforest region is now protected by World Heritage and offers some great accommodation options from b&b, eco, resorts and self-contained.

Additional accommodation can also be found at Daintree and Mossman.

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Cape Tribulation Bed & Breakfast

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm
• Ph: 07 4098 0057 • Email
• Details: B&B accommodation. The cottage has its own ensuite, with a balcony which overhangs the creek, and has a stunning view to Mt Sorrow in all its moods.
Cape Tribulation Retreat
• 19 Nicole Drive, Cape Tribulation, MS 2041, MOSSMAN QLD 4873 • Ph: 07 4098 0028 • Email
• Accommodation: Bed and breakfast.
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Cape Tribulation Eco

Rainforest Hideaway
• Lot 19 Camelot Close, CAPE TRIBULATION QLD 4873 • Ph: 07 4098 0108 • Email
• Details: A unique, owner-built, solar-powered house with handcrafted timber furniture, tap water from a mountain stream and regular visits by wildlife, including a young cassowary.
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Cape Tribulation Resort

Daintree Cape Tribulation Heritage Lodge
• Lot 236 Turpentine Rd, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873 • Ph: 07 4098 9138 • Email
• Details: Set in the rainforest, yet the perfect stepping stone to the Great Barrier Reef. Also incorporating “Daintree Natural Therapies and Spa” and our rainforest restaurant, the resort is the ideal place for total relaxation or the adventure of a lifetime.
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Cape Tribulation Other Accommodation

Stonewood Retreat
• Stonewood Rd, CAPE TRIBULATION QLD • Email
 Details: Stonewood Retreat is an eco-friendly luxury sanctuary, set on 2.5 acres of lush Australian Tropical Rainforest within the Daintree National Park. This project started in 2003, when Murray first laid his eyes on this unique property. Since then there has been a major restoration of the house and grounds by Murray and local craftsman Don Bromley. Now in 2011, Murray and Lara Bond are honored to announce that their dream is finished and ready to be shared with the world.

As you drive into Stonewood Retreat, the entrance sets the mood for what will greet you. The size of our Daintree Accommodation is deceiving from the outside, and when you take your first step into what will be your home during your stay, the high ceilings, antique windows and timber crafted finishes sets the tone. There’s an interesting contrast here… A great sense of freedom and a warm feeling of being nurtured by the arty rustic design, and yet a bright & sunny house with amazing surroundings.
Cape Trib Beach House
• CAPE TRIBULATION QLD 4873 • Ph: 07 4098 0030 • Email
• Accommodation: A variety of cabins.
Mountain View Lodge
• Lot 9, Reynolds Rd, Oak Beach (PO Box 844), PORT DOUGLAS 4871
• Ph/Fax: +61 7 4098 5449 • Email
• Accommodation: Two bungalows.
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Cape Tribulation Other Accommodation Services

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