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Oodnadatta Track: Algebuckina Bridge

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Oodnadatta Track ~ Algebuckina Bridge ~ Images of Australia
As you travel the Oodnadatta Track, between William Creek and Oodnadatta, on the south side of the track, is the imposing Algebuckina Bridge. Made up of nineteen 30.9 metre spans, this is the largest single bridge in South Australia and highlights the engineering skills and determination required to build the Great Northern Railway from 1878-91, reaching Oodnadatta.

At a cost of £60,000, the Algebuckina Bridge spans the Neales River and was officially opened for traffic from January 6, 1892. Listed on the Register of the National Estate and on the State Heritage Register, the bridge forms part of the 'Old Ghan Railway Heritage Trail'.

There are a number of things of interest including the three graves in an area close to the north end of the bridge, although only one is marked, being that of a young prospector, James Helps, who drowned in the creek during a flood. There is the rusting remains of the 1948 FJ Holden that was hit by a train half way across the bridge as the driver attempted to cross the rail bridge during a flood. The driver survived. Nearby is the surveyed and marked site (1858) of the proposed Algebuckina township, and their are the remains of mine shafts and building.

The waterhole east of the bridge offers a great fishing and camping spot, although during summer, you may want to camp a bit back from the waters edge because of the mossies. The Algebuckina waterhole has never dried up in living memory and is the largest refuge waterhole in the Neales-Peak river system.

More information about the Oodnadatta Track, Algebuckina Bridge and the many locations along the route.

Oodnadatta Track - Algebuckina Bridge - Snapshots from South Australia

View of Algebuckina Bridge from the Oodnadatta Track
View of Algebuckina Bridge from the Oodnadatta Track
View from below Algebuckina Bridge
View from below Algebuckina Bridge
View along Algebuckina Bridge
View along Algebuckina Bridge
Algebuckina Waterhole / Neales River
Algebuckina Waterhole / Neales River
`Google Map of the Neales River, Algebuckina Waterhole and the Oodnadatta Track
Google Map of the Neales River, Algebuckina Waterhole and the Oodnadatta Track - Courtesy of Google Maps
Google map Neales River, South Australia
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