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Images from New South Wales, Australia
Welcome to AusEmade Photos. In this section we will be bringing snapshots from New South Wales in Australia, with

The state of New South Wales in Australia, with Sydney as the capital city, offers plenty of attractions for the visitor, from the wonderful east coast, Snowy Mountains, Blue Mountains and the NSW country and outback region.

The images here provide an insight into some of the amazing places and regions in New South Wales, with images displayed in a more widescreen format that captures the beauty of the country around us.

Each page will provide links back to the main site, linking to the appropriate destination with more information. As the file size of the images shown here are larger than standard, for those on a slower connection, they may take a little longer to download.

Following are some images for New South Wales. We hope you enjoy what you see and keep coming back, as we grow 'Snapshots from Australia'.

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New South Wales
Mount Kaputar
Euglah Rock - Mount Kaputar National Park
Euglah Rock
Xanthorrhoea johnsonii (Grass Tree) on the Mount Yulludinida Track © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Yulludinida Walking Track
Eckfords Lookout - Mount Kaputar National Park © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Eckfords Lookout
Eucalypt woodland in Mt Kaputar National Park
Eucalypt Woodland - Mt Kaputar National Park
Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko National Park © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Mount Kosciuszko
Mountain gentian (Chionogentias muellleriana subsp alperstris) © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Taronga Western Plains Zoo / Dubbo
Ring-tailed Lemurs at Western Plains Zoo © Ausemade Pty Ltd Ring-tailed Lemurs at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo © Ausemade Pty Ltd Giraffe at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo © Ausemade Pty Ltd Hippopotamus at Taronga Western Plains Zoo © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Photos © Ausemade Pty Ltd
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