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Having a Roo of a Time in Alice Springs

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Roo Fun in Alice Springs
Well if you didn't know, Alice Springs in Central Australia is home to many kangaroos and their relatives. From wallabies, wallaroos and the larger kangaroos, you can find them here.

See our Big Red having a relaxing time of it at the desert park. With those hot summer days, you can find them lounging around, without a worry in the world.

From mother and child, to youngster, aunt and big daddy, they are beautifully captured in the photos. Alice Spring also has a Kangaroo Sanctuary located at 11 Colonel Rose Drive, Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Run by Brogla, the owner rescues kangaroos and joeys that have been injured during road traffic accidents.

For those who like wallabies, there is wallaby feeding at Heavitree Gap where the wallabies descend down from the East MacDonnell Range.

There are kangaroos and their relatives, throughout Australia, and local zoos, sanctuaries and animal parks are some of the best places to experience them. They can be seen in the wild, especially when travelling through the rural and outback regions. In the arid zone, keep your eyes peeled, especially during the hotter parts of the day, as they may be sheltering from the hot sun under trees and shrubs.

Care should be taken when driving at early morning and dust in the outback, as they have a fondness for being close to the road edge, and are unpredictable, jumping in front your vehicle, and even suddenly changing direction once they have jumped when startled.

Check out our information on Macropodidae and Macropus. We also have an article on Hubpages: Skippy, Kangaroo and Wallabies.

Did you know that Australia has white kangaroos (no they are not albinos)...

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