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Australia Wildflowers / Australian Flora

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Australia Wildflowers / Australian Flora
The Australian continent has a unique depth of flora, not found anywhere else in the world. Whilst some of our flora have been exported to other countries, there is nowhere better to see them, then in their natural environment.

As well as the native plants, Australian colonisation and modernisation has introduce many non indigenous species into Australia, some of which have done too well, causing problems in the Australian environment, often threatening, if not having already wiped out various native species, causing degradation to the land, and in some cases are even poisonous.

Australia most popular time to see wildflowers is in spring, with many tours available to see wild flower displays around Australia. Our capital city Canberra has the cultivated Floriade display, whilst places like Western Australia, draw tourists from around the world to see the wild flowers in their natural environment.

In addition to the floral images displayed here, AusEmade has information on wildflowers throughout our website, with some shown on specific destinations pages or you can also check out our general Flora section and Wildflowers in Central Australia. You can also find out about Australia's floral emblems.

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Flora and Wildflowers in Australia - Snapshots from Australia

Waratah Sturt's Desert Rose (Gossypium sturtianum var. sturtianum) Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa) Common Health (Epacris impressa)
Poached Egg Daisy (Polycalymma stuartii)    
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