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Mount Tomah Botanic Garden

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Australia Botanic Gardens / Australian Flora
One of the magnificent botanic gardens in Australia can be found deep in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. This 252 hectare garden sits 1,000 metres above sea level, on the summit of a basalt capped peak, with magnificent vistas from various sections of the garden.

Known as Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, the garden takes its name from the mountain on which it is located. 'Tomah' is said to be an Aboriginal word meaning 'tree fern', the original owners of the land being the Daruk Aboriginal people.

Located in the World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains region, Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is home to a world class collection of plants from the cooler southern hemisphere and around the world. The plants are grouped by their geographical origin, with each season providing a new perspective to the garden.

There are spectacular views of Wollemi National Park, and visitors to this botanic garden will see the Wollemi Pine that made international headlines around the world, as a remnant plant from the age of the dinosaurs.

The botanic garden is a wonder place to visit for friends and lovers, families and tourist, Visitors can enjoy the garden through picnic areas, or the cafe / restaurant. Beautiful laid out, the garden has are some accessible facilities and pathways, although there are steep paths and stairs. The are disabled parking bays in the car park.

Check out some of our images of the magnificent plants to be found in the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden.

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Mount Tomah Botanic Garden - Snapshots from Australia

Pincushion Protea / Showy Pincushion (Leucospermum cordifolium)
Leucospermum cordifolium
Leucospermum cuneiforme Wart Stemmed Pincushion
Leucospermum cuneiforme
Leucospermum erubescens - Langeberg Pincushion
Leucospermum erubescens

Rhododendron augustinii
Red Rocket (Leucospermum reflexum)
Leucospermum reflexum
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