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Australian Fauna, Wildlife Parks and Zoos
Wombats are one of Australia's distinctive creatures found in a number of different habitats in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania.

Wombats are known for digging extensive burrow systems with their front teeth and powerful claws, often causing grief to farmers. A distinctive adaptation of wombats is their backwards pouch, meaning that when they dig, they do not get dirt in their pouch, especially if they are carrying their young.

If you planning a holidaying in Tasmania, a great place for those travelling with children is the Tasmanian Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek. This privately owned 65 acres of serene sanctuary is a wildlife park that has changed very little over the years, centrally set amongst varying environments, a crossroad for wildlife travelling between alpine, forested and coastal regions.

The primary philosophy of Trowunna Wildlife Park is wildlife conservation and education. It is a place that puts a smile on your face, as you see some of our native wildlife, in addition to the koalas, which they have been breeding for over 20 years as part of a disease free population. The park is also home to the world's largest heritage population of endangered Tasmanian Devils.

The cute looking wombats in the photos are youngsters, which is why we were permitted to pick them up. They also being accustom to human touch. Adult wombats can weigh up to 35 kg.

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Trowunna Wildlife Zoo - Snapshots from Australia

Juvenile wombat at Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek, Tasmania
Juvenile wombat at Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek, Tasmania
Juvenile wombat at Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek, Tasmania
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