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Australian Fauna, Wildlife Parks and Zoos
The Australian continent is home to many unique fauna not found anywhere else in the world. Whilst some of our fauna have been exported to zoos and wildlife reserves in other countries, there is nowhere better to see them, then here in Australia.

Your travel around Australia also offers the opportunity to see some of our wildlife in their natural environment, some of our most popular being koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. Driving through the outback or exploring some of our national parks, you can often see reptiles, from the blue tongue lizards and bearded dragons to frill necked lizards up in the Top End. Australia also has larger reptiles such as the Gould Goanna and Perentie.

Australia also have plenty of wildlife parks, sanctuaries and zoos where you and your family can get the opportunity to get up close to many wildlife, not only native Australian wildlife, but others creatures from around the world.

Places such as Werribee Open Range Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo, both also offer the opportunity of staying overnight.

Most of our capital cities are home to or close to zoos and wildlife parks, with wildlife sanctuaries, some specialising in particular endangered species are usually in more remote location, although still accessible from nearby country towns.

In addition to the fauna images displayed here, AusEmade has information on wildlife throughout our website, with some shown on specific destinations pages or you can also check out our general Fauna section.

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Australian Fauna, Wildlife Parks and Zoos - Snapshots from Australia

Trowunna Wildlife Zoo
Juvenile wombat at Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek, Tasmania
Trowunna Wildlife Zoo

Trowunna Wildlife Zoo
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